Writing as a hobby

red-haired-woman-writing-in-book-at-wooden-table-with-green-mugWhat is it with me and my writing? Is writing a rocket science or is it meant only for those that have super notch vocabulary and communication skills? Is it only for those who have free time or creativity is something that is restricted to 2% of this earth’s population?These questions flooded my brain this morning when I woke up  suddenly one morning dated 8th June 2015 in the city of Irving, Texas. All of a sudden, there were the flow of thoughts in my very small brain that’s how I’m being described in this house. Even without getting up from the bed, I happened to re-open the book I have been reading this month- ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.To my shock, I read similar kind of thought process put by Liza in her book about creativity and the thing that everyone in this world is creative. Sorry, I was wrong, it was not in this book, but her facebook page.

Yes, I’m crazy, I stalk facebook pages of people whom I get inspired, love, hate, like, etc.Today it was EG’s day, but she calls herself as LG in the book. After a while of reading this book, I realized that writing is not restricted only to folks as per my questions in the previous paragraph, they are free flow of thoughts by anyone who is interested in making writing as a hobby. So my small brain started jotting down a mental plan.
Step 1- Go update Life event on facebook “Writing as a hobby”.
Step 2- Takedown mental or written down notes of events happening in day to day life. Something like a diary. Eventually write a good blog by tying up those thoughts together.
Step 3- Write about characters you meet in your life- A passerby, someone whom you had a conversation with, someone that you had stalked on social networking sites, friends, in-laws, spouse, relatives and mom.Do not judge anyone, just write whatever you have felt about them without offending any of them.

I’m aware of the fact that the quality of my writing had worsened since my eighth grade, I was good till then and had amazing English teachers like Ms. Rekha Rao(sixth and seventh grades) and Ms. Hemalatha V(fourth grade). Unfortunately, my vocabulary and Grammar had taken a very sharp bend after which it went for a TOSS.So, this day I really want to move away from that sharp bend, take a ramp and leap ahead from my bad days of English since then. A U -turn after twenty solid years.

So, I’m not too sure whether the Piscean attribute in me had pulled me back towards interest in arts like writing, painting and sketching or is it the super idle time or so-called sabbatical that is making me do all this.Yes, I forgot to mention the fact that I started getting interest towards sketching and painting too.This doesn’t mean that I have moved away from the cravings of earning money or shopping, I had just learned to keep both sides of my brain working: My left brain focusing on brushing up analytics and the French language for which I had spent a bomb and time.My right brain focusing on the creativity aspect and channelizing my thoughts. Having said, I would also brush up English Grammar that had the rest in peace years ago.


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