Conversation with a stranger -Prakruti

One would be wondering about this title. Like I mentioned, I would be writing about how I feel about people who crossed my life for a day or my life so far.

Prakruti(obviously name changed), had met her when I was going for a walk as part of my everyday chores, one Texas summer evening. I have been observing this lady since February 2015.She jogs, runs and walks with a good speed.O man as quick as a ‘REAL MAN’. She is a bit more on the fatter side with more weight on her hips, 2 inches taller than me,dark complexion, curly hair that have few gray strands and also wears a pair of spectacles that brings her that nerd look.One angle of her’s resembled one of my classmates in college.As part of observing people and smiling at strangers which I always do, she seemed to me like a proper South Indian who hasn’t moved anywhere. She returned a grin which means she has travelled to many locations and met many people so not a person from one location.The reason that I mentioned about grin and all is, basically Indian, I’m not too sure about the other nationalities do not smile at strangers either because they are too snobbish or they are too shy.

One fine day, I happened to catch her up somewhere in a walking lane.She stopped by and started a conversation, so I greeted her and started walking along with her.What was so amazing about this person is: She motivates herself, she engages herself by making herself busy the whole day. She works out twice a day, once in the gym and the other time walking or jogging. She cooks twice a day, whereas so any Indian housewives happen to cook once a week and store the food in the refrigerator and reheat it to consume. She has been in Dallas for almost 2 years and before coming to Dallas, she had lived in Chennai and Hyderabad. Something common between her and me is the location and the craving for doing some workout but turning out not to look so fit.She had studied English in the North Lake College in Irving, Texas so that she kills some time there.I also got to know that most of the housewives who cannot talk or write English study in North Lake College that offers certificate courses in English for $100 a month.They have a bunch of scheduled evening classes meant exclusively for women.

The beautiful idiom “Do not judge a book by its cover” holds good in every sense.She jabbers galore.
She talks about everything under the sun like Indian politicians and how corrupt they are. The investments and the monetary factor of being in the United States and how much money an Indian couple can save having I- 140 in hand for H4s. She feels that Indians would come to US just to earn money and save $7000 a month if the couple works and can live in pollution free areas in India if there is Vitamin Money.People living in US are fake and also the products.The so- called Desis who live in USA also pick the same attitude and lead a plastic life here.This is her opinion towards the people.

I happened to understand from the conversation that she loves living in India and hates USA to the core other than the work-life balance that her husband has.One thing common between me and her husband is both of us worked for the same company at one point of time and I’m also looking forward moving to the same profession that her husband is doing.Coming back to the work- life balance in USA, people here hardly work there is a clear-cut distinction between work and personal life. The latter is kept private and both of it are like vampires and werewolves where the one cannot get into the other’s zone.They also have work from home for the contractors and they need to visit the workplace once in a blue moon. This cushion is completely absent in India. I can say work-life in USA and India are alter egos of each other.

The next discussion we had been about best places for dining in Irving for vegetarian Indians like me. My husband prefers to eat spicy Telugu food and Hyderabadi Biriyani so wanted to know from her.She told me few places like Mayuri restaurant and Hill Top restaurant both in and around Irving that serves Telugu food but not exactly south Indian since they are owned, maintained and run by the North Indians. There is a border difference between South and North everywhere under the sun and so in India in the terms of customs, food, etc. It seems that these restaurants serve fresh hot buffet during weekdays and it is a no entry zone during the weekends coz Desi’s literally flock in there.

We also spoke about the recent earthquakes in Irving and our experience of the vibrating earth.She also discussed how safe it is to take a walk along the walking lanes and how the teenager students tried to snatch her neighbour’s mobile.Scary right!!! This reminded of the Afro teenager who proposed to me on the road thinking that I was single and observing me every day walking. I had to tell him “Hey I’m married and almost twice as old as you”.

We discussed the go to places in Dallas. After all Dallas is one of  the most boring places in USA, this statement is not made by me but by several people who had travelled across USA and have read in few books too.She was talking about the aquarium in Dallas that will kill our one day’s time over a weekend. She was talking about visiting the aquarium about 9.30AM after having breakfast at home and to wander in the aquarium, click few selfies with the sea animals, update Facebook statuses, pass some time talking to the strangers.After finishing lunch either in a restaurant or packed lunch in the car, there is a horse cart ride which is a must go that resembles Europe that’s what she said though she hasn’t visited Europe. I had told her about our visit to White Rock Lake that might interest her, coz that is a place where people walk on the sand by the banks of the lake and has a scenic beauty of its own.

There ended our conversation It was already 8.45 PM and I had an engaging walk and talk for about 5 km. I had to hit my door back to prepare dinner.Though we planned to meet the next day, our timing did not match and I did not see her at all after that.


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