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Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert


Like I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, when I moved to Hyderabad, India in 2011, I had collected many books on my own and did not visit library thereafter.

Before moving to Hyderabad, I was in Chennai and started reading borrowed books from a nearby library for the reason – GMAT. Let me tell you why this GMAT came up. I moved from a product company to a service company where I was suddenly elevated to a role where I had to manage engineers. I was super excited by the thought of it for the 2 reasons, one, I did not take up such a huge responsibility in my previous company, two, I was my boss’ favorites and did not know the reason as to why she liked me amongst others. So I had to discuss this with one of my previous company’s colleagues, Kannan and he was really delighted I guess and gave me suggestions to prepare for GMAT exam, pursue some b-school management degree and take up better roles. I’m unsure as to why I took those words from him seriously and I started to pursue GMAT. As a first step, I had enrolled myself in a public speaking class, where we were imposed to borrow books from their library and read them. I forced myself to read. As a second step, I had visited GMAT coaching centre and asked the centre management pointers to crack GMAT and literally he was overacting and gave a big bullshit story about himself and as usual provided free advice that obviously ended up in deal and I was forced to pay a huge amount of money for the course. So I faked my details and escaped from that place so that he never calls me again.

From that day onward, I had this fire burning inside me to pursue GMAT somehow and not knowing the fact that I would be getting married the next year. I had built castles in the air and jotted down a big route plan and approached various people who had cracked GMAT and gave me very many suggestions to pursue it and all of them motivated right from my schoolmate who was a Carnegie Mellon graduate up to my manager who was a Michigan University graduate.I was in cloud nine then, and to my astonishment I had cracked Google interview that had several rounds and was placed as manager for product quality for vendors. Didn’t know that, I had so much of potential until a big thunderstorm fell on my head, by the way, my spouse unmotivated and dominated me then.My in- laws had a different mindset about me and the initial teething problems of arranged marriage that deviated my concentration and I was extremely depressed that lead to my worst performance of my career in 2013.I was in all the blues until I met one nice person who motivated me along with my mom so I had taken a u-turn to succeed in my career. By the time I was doing good, I had to quit my job to join my spouse in Texas.

One would be wondering as to why I’m narrating this story whilst I’m supposed to write a book review for the title of this blog.There is a reason behind this. I  had to connect the dots of this story of mine with the books I had purchased in 2012 and 2013.These were all the reasons for collecting numerous books and having it as a personal library. Eat pray and love was one of them.This book like many others remained unopened since the purchase.

Let me tell you another brief story about this book.I happened to notice that one Sunday, my mom was watching Julia Roberts movie with the same title that interested me at least the Italy part.I had admired Julia Roberts and how beautifully the movie was filmed.Later in 2012, I happened to meet my spouse in Geneva who was there as part of his IT project.In one of the trains near Lucerne, an old woman aged about 65 years was reading that book with  a lot of excitement and smiles.
This caught my attention and when I came to back to India, I had ordered this book online.

Liz Gilbert, the author of the book had inspired me to write such a huge autobiography in the form a book review. Her personal life experience had touched my heart in every possible way and I started writing blogs thereafter.I also wonder whether God had made me reading this book only after crossing the age of 30 since the author also writes her life story when she was in her 30s.

The author had neatly divided the book in 3 parts that describe every part with the verb in the title : Eat in Italy, Pray in India and Sleep in Indonesia and all the three actions balances one woman’s search for everything.

The first part of the book talks about Italy and her experience of staying in Rome to really learn the language after her bad divorce days. This first part had not inspired me to undergo a divorce but had inspired me to learn French that I had left way back in 2011 at my hometown.So I have a small plan to stay in France at one point of time in my life about 4-6 months and learn French. I need to save some money for spending such a long period of time to learn the language holistically. Her experience in Rome also reminded me the days I spent with my spouse in Rome.Like LG said, Rome is romantic and people who visit Italy fall in love with each other and be romantic.That also might be one of the reasons for uninspiring divorce.

The second part of the book talks about India and her experience of meditation and Yoga. Though I’m an Indian I personally learned so many things from this book about the search for oneself, meditation and the purpose of Yoga which I was not aware. I was able to relate this phase of LG’s life to me as I have plans to get into spiritual life once My basic duties of a material person like earning money, satisfying husband, taking care of elders in the family, giving birth to kids and enhancing the so called in-laws’ bloodline.I have this kind of mindset from my childhood since my uncle was spiritually inclined and I used to listen to the philosophical lectures that were given by him about God, soul and the almighty as a whole.

The third part of this book talks about Indonesia and her stay in Bali. She also tells about how she was able to overcome her bad divorce, broken up relationship with her boyfriend and how she was able to revive her life through Yoga, meditation, meeting new people and finally falling in love with a like-minded person who had a very good chemistry with her in the terms of love making also and who understood her mindset, her career apart from being a really elderly person for her age.

With limited characters in the book,this is a complete entertainment which covers all the phases of a person’s life from depression to delight, from dark to light and from triste to gaiety.I recommend this book for women who are undergoing similar phases in their lives or at least one of them.

A poetic composition of an autobiography that exceeds expectations in the minds of the readers.Even men, those that wants to understand what a woman goes through and what she might need in her life could also read this.


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