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The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks


After I quit my job in Nov’2014, not that I was happy in with that project, I behaved like a crazy ass and was covered with the heights of gloominess.Earning no money, getting into the band of housewives, having slower days and longer nights, biting nails, walking like crazy for 10 miles around my colony and people thought I was mad, hanging around in shorts the whole day, cleaning the house, cutting off from the neighbours, shopping online for the relocation,
having hurt to leave my mom alone,trying to recollect what I studied in the analytics classes and it went on and on. I couldn’t disclose this to anyone other than sulking within me and I behaved as if I was super happy in front my mom and hubby.This craziness ate my brain so I decided to read fiction. I had stacked hell lot of books in shelf so happened to look for something romantic, to keep me on and sparking again. My eye happened to set on the bundle of books packed neatly in a box named Nicholas Sparks. The bundle seemed very attractive to me with nice package and lot of romantic colors like purples, pinks, and indigo. When I opened the package, I sensed the smell of new books, that made me forget all the gloominess in this world and transformed me to the fictional world. I didn’t know who I was and I felt that I was the one of the characters of those books until I was woken up by the knock of the door. Whoosh back to the reality. So, I started hovering over the books and found the book titled ‘The Lucky One’. That night I happened to read the preface, acknowledgments, and the first chapter. Fell asleep unknowingly. I had carried this book everywhere I went but could not read this book and at last I felt that I had to place this book back in the racks and take a new one. I happened to carry this book to Texas and after reading fiction and non-fiction, the last book which I did read was this ‘Lucky One’.
This story revolves around a soldier that happened to find a picture of a girl in Iraq and fortunately that turned out to be a lucky charm for him. Most of  the soldiers who were with him had died and this guy lived all the dangers and finally discovered that the reason for his life was the picture and started to look out for her after he was back home in Colorado.Thibault trekked from Colorado to Hampton in North Carolina along with his dog Zeus.He did not know the purpose of meeting the person in the picture other than to find and thank her. He happened to find her in Hampton and go to her home as a domestic keeper of the dog kennels. Thibault hesitated to tell Beth that he had come all the way long to thank her for his life.He thought that if Beth gets to know this, she might assume that, he stalked her.
Beth in her late twenties or early thirties was a divorced and she lived with her Nana and her ten-year-old son, Ben. Ben was a studious boy who hated to meet his dad every week since his dad, Keith was a cop and he made Ben doing all the work at home. So Ben preferred to stay with mom. Ben liked to be alone, play violin in his tree house built by his grandfather and played chess.
Beth was a beautiful and Thibault was astonished to see that she had not dated anyone after having divorced Keith and all the more Keith had threatened everyone she had attempted to date.Keith was rich and his family owned almost all the property in Hampton. So this fear had led no guy dare to date her.Thibault worked very hard in the kennel and he was the only employee who had not quit the job since he started working.
Keith had found out that, Thibault had a picture of hers that was given to her brother Drake, by her before he left to the war where he was killed.Keith informed this to Beth and Beth fired him from the kennel job.When Thibault was about to vacate his house from Hampton, Beth understood that he was not stalking but wanted to thank her for his life since the picture was like a lucky charm for him in Iraq.Meanwhile, there is a twist in the story, where Keith dies when he tries to rescue his son from the falling tree house in the flood.Thibault stays with Beth after that and they live happily forever.
Coming back to my review, I had read only two books of Nicholas Sparks so far, The Notebook and The lucky One. The Notebook was better in terms of the storyline and The lucky one turned to be bit boring somewhere in the middle of the book.He could have brought in more logic about the picture and how the soldier finds Beth.However, the climax of the story was nail -biting. Till the last but one page of the book(Page 333),  the author never tells who actually dies whether it is Keith or Thibault.This novel is an entertaining summer read for folks who need some romance in the dry summer and some picturesque view of Hampton and nature.

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