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The Sins of the Father – Jeffrey Archer


This book would be my first book read in the year 2016.Before reading this book, I had browsed to get a short rewind about the first book of Clifton Chronicles, since “Only Time Will Tell” was read by me few months ago. To my astonishment, I saw bad reviews about the author Jeffrey Archer.Something like, this person does not get it right for the first time, he had been confined, etc. But who cares, so far Clifton Chronicles have been entertaining.In my opinion, I enjoyed reading the first one than this sequel. This part seems to be more predictable other than 3 instances – Marie Clifton getting married to Mr. Holcombe, Harry’s school teacher,Hugo Barrington being caught when he was trying to escape in the ship to the United States and Lord Harvey failing to vote on the bequeathing of wealth for Giles.The backdrop of the book is very picturesque when someone who had not visited the Bristol and New York City can imagine how the places would look like.

I like the idea that the author had bifurcated the book based on the years and narrating the story from the perspective of the respective character .The title cover of the book that I possess misleads a reader in the beginning of the book that Emma Barrington and Harry Clifton watch the Lower Manhattan Line from the Brooklyn Bridge. But it later turns out that, the people who are standing are Emma and her cousin.

Few instances of the book have been hilarious especially the scenario where
Harry meets his inmate Quinn and Quinn narrates his prior experience in the jail.Another instance is where Giles Barrington along with Terry Bates tries to spy the german troops and certain incidents sounded humorous to me.

This book can be categorized under various genres of fiction – romance, thriller, crime,drama and mystery.Never thought that romance would be between middle aged couples – Marie Clifton and Mr. Holcombe and Hugo Barrington – Ms. Olga.Crime when Ms. Olga kills Mr. Hugo, thriller when Harry Clifton lands in the US jail and the rest of it as a war drama.

I would recommend this book for someone who is a hard core fan of English novels that would have a plethora of genres under one cover and for someone who wants to read fiction. People who have not read the first part- Only time will tell will not be able to relate with this book.I had given a three star review for this portion to balance out the five star rating for the first one and also for the predictable part of the story.


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