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100 Happy Days

How did I start this? 100 Happy Days. Apparently, I was stalking someone’s facebook profile and happened to look at every post of her where she had taken lot of pictures of hers and hash tagged as 100 happy days. This rang a bell suddenly. I remembered that one of my facebook friend also did a similar thing 3 years ago.Then I thought to myself why not me? It was 28th of October 2015, after a lengthy conversation with my mom over the phone, I had started this for myself as a personal goal. To be happy for 100 days and posted this on my facebook wall and the post read as follows:

“The count down starts now.This day(28th Oct ’15) I have taken up‪#‎100happydays‬ challenge. For the next 100 days in a row,I will never regret anything, never resort to cribbing,do not take any negative influence from anyone,get into better mood everyday,discover inner peace,inculcate happiness as a habit, have less expectation and add more colors to life. In this process,I will be learning new things and lot of other stuff,start discovering what really makes me happy.Let’s see how this works”.

I was happy to see encouraging responses and wishes from 50 facebook friends.Started this on a full swing and updated my cover page as 100 happy-day challenge. Immediately, after posting it, I had prepared a word document of all the do’s for these 100 days and came up with a list of all things I would do in these days that I have not been doing throughout my life. Sounds crazy isn’t it. But the list was like breathe coding,learn to sketch,lean harmonica,learn zumba dance or irish party dance,decorate home,get the driving license,blog more,read Gita-the Holy Book,walk and workout,read more books,sleep appropriately,dress up for the occasion.

The list seems to be funny. I really felt that I was getting very much doomed by the things that aren’t moving in my life be it getting a valid visa for a job or taking care of mom or getting a baby on top of that acquiring new skill set for the current job market that requires good coding skills along with the communication skills. Then I had noticed that, I had not cried for almost 3 months before this big day so I thought why not continue doing this and keep it as 100 days.I also felt that being happy will make my life better and also to find some light in the dark days of the life.I felt that these days would pave way to build my future with happier perspective and to find diamonds in the coal.These days would serve as a prototype for the rest of my life.

Keeping all these above blahs in my mind, I started the journey very happily with a bright mindset and on the day one I discovered that my personal laptop that was purchased with my first salary of a software company broke. After figuring out that I do not have a valid windows CD to re-image, I took the other way round. Wanted to learn how to operate Debian-Linux OS. Hence reconfigured my laptop with Debian -ubuntu, struggled for few days and later understood how linux works and how to use command prompt to install software, booting etc. This was the first step towards learning something new amidst the dark.

The next thing that I learnt was sketching. I used to be bad at sketching stuff at school. The reason was I lacked patience and attention to details. I developed sketching and cartooning skills by taking classes that were available online for free.Ensured that I drew atleast one picture every 15 days.I had restarted painting my nails, using colored lip glosses, lipstics, getting dressed at home, waxing my legs. I had stopped all these for 6 months other than the waxing part though.I got a chance to dress up in formal wear for an official party at my hubby’s office. I was super excited since it had been almost more than a year getting dressed for a workplace. As usual clicked a lot of pictures and a super good cartoonist in Dallas sketched us.Accidentally I took a bite of hamburger but concealed that to my hubby. We being vegetarians that is a taboo.

Interestingly, I had deleted all those people from my contact lists who sent me negative vibes and cut them off so that I don’t get those vibes from them,Apart from cutting off people, I also started ignoring people who were in a combat mode be it my hubby or my mom or anyone who wanted to argue with me.I also got to drink more beer these 100 days, tasted wine- red and white and made a fan of red wine.Drinking comes with driving always. But a good thing for me, I started driving better and my skills over there improved too.

For the first 15 days out of 100 days, I started documenting every damn thing that made me happy like clicking selfies, shopping, painting but eventually stopped the documentation and made this as a way of living.hese 100 days came up along with the Thanksgiving Day where we ended up shopping nicely, watched lot of movies and also an excellent trip during Christmas holidays to New York city,We had wonderful memories walking on the Brookyln Bridge and streets of Manhattan,Rockfellar, Timesquare, Broadway taking subways and travelled by foot to every street .Central Park , Wall Street, the statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, lots of rain , coffee and pizza.I wished that I lived in an apartment in Brookyln and NYC became the best place in the world that I ever visited.

Coming back to the list of things that I achieved and not achieved. Out of the list I had put across, I did not do everything but without these 100 happy days I might not have done even 50% of that.The first thing that happened to me in this course of time was, I became more structured person- someone with better planning and implementation.I used to be very good at planning but never implemented stuff. But these days made me a better action person.I started reading more books and came up with better reading challenge in 2016 than 2015. In 2015, I had read 12 books the whole year whereas in 2016 I had already completed 3 books in 1.5 months time.I started to learn coding and completed 2 courses online fully with proper planning. Made more additions to the blogs .Being a Hindu by birth, I never read the Bhagavad Gita,so I started reading it. I’m in the 4th chapter out of 19th chapters and I intend to continue reading this forever. To get positive vibes, I started dressing up almost every other day so that I carry myself better.I got more focussed on what I should do to get a job. Now I know what I lag and what to add and where to stop.I have come up with a concept called happiness box on 1st Jan ’16 where I drop a paper into the box every night with one thing that made me happy that day. Now I have 36 happy moments into that box. I started understanding English movies without the subtitles- meaning I got used to the American slang.I do not feel for the stuff that I have not achieved coz now I know how to distinguish something I can do and cannot do.Though I couldn’t get a driving license, I can drive on express ways and am more confident on local roads with traffic on it.Though I did not play harmonica or dance, I intend to do it one day.

Okay, the list of things one has to to do in life – everyone has it and almost most of them don’t do more than half of it.I’m 31 when I write this blog .What I see is, approximately I have only half life left, I wish to do if not complete the stuff that I started in my first half so that I close my 2nd half of life with some happiness.I have made reading and sketching as part of my day now. I intend to draw 3 pictures and read 2 books every month.I’m putting across these things for the rest of my life:

– Learn music- singing. This is my mom’s dream. I was good at it but couldn’t sing. I will do it soon.
– Brush up the french language that I learnt during my early twenties and start talking.
– Become a mom sometime before 2018.
– Be more focussed in my career that I have chosen. Practising more is the mantra.
– Be more fit and have good health
– Become spiritual later in my life
– Work harder to achieve all the above and make happier life as part of DNA.

Last but not the least, I thank people around me – hubby and mom for having kept me happy and not made me cry for the last 100 days.I interact with these two people all the time.Thanks to the facebook for bringing me more ideas about life and what should I do. Having brought up with less exposure to the outside world,after everything went online, I have got to learn more things around me.


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