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The Lord of the Rings- The Ring Sets Out

After I read Harry potter series for almost more than a year, suddenly I started getting interested in fantasy and fiction. Things like witchcraft, dark forest, elder wand, fictional history about trolls, elves, dwarves, dark lord and every damn thing in fiction grabbed my interests and I lived in that world happily for 400 days.I didn’t want to stop reading Harry Potter series or stop watching the movies. I was doing both and literally became a Potterhead. Unfortunately, I did not find any Potterheads in my circle be it, friends or family, so every day I used to look at facebook pages that talk about Harry Potter and the muggles.I used to read all the posts and comment on a few and like many posts.I decided to take a break from this at a certain point in time since I was living more in the fictional world than in reality. Alas, got back to the real life and once again started looking for stuff that is similar to Harry Potter fiction.

Luckily, I haven’t watched The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies. So I decided to become a Ringer now and bought all those books and piled it up on my shelf for more than 2 years whereas I was getting back to the Rowling mode often.As part of the 2016 reading challenge, I decided to include the Lord of the Rings and carried just the first 2 books-The Ring Sets Out and The Ring Goes South from home.I cannot wait to bring the other books in that series from home so technically am waiting for my forthcoming trip to India.I guess I had put in more details than required about my personal stuff towards being a Potterhead and a future Ringer.Ah yes, I picked up the word Ringer from one of the yahoo answers by someone who said that the fan of the Lord of the Rings is called a Ringer.

My book is a part of 7 book series of the Lord of the Rings and this one is called “The Ring Sets Out” under “The fellowship of the Ring”.This book is divided into 12 chapters and each chapter contains a detailed explanation of every fact explained therein. No doubt, J.R.R Tolkien takes the reader to the places described in the book. I really had a feeling that I was a hobbit and I have been travelling along with Frodo Baggins guarding him when he takes the ring from Bilbo Baggins and sets out.I also had a feeling that the dark Riders were following me on their horses and I had a real time experience in my head of the forest and the ring.Of course, I do not want to assume any of the characters mentioned in the book and spoil the purpose of the character. I’m like a person getting into the “pensieve” of all the characters in the book.My head took a troll when I was travelling in the journey of the Lord of the Rings. I didn’t want to watch the movie till I finish the book as it will spoil the beauty of the writing and the imagination in of the story in my little head.This book also had a map of part of Shire that made my travel easier (inside my head).

I also liked the way the author came up with the songs and the poems in the story.I could just imagine that maybe the songs and poems would come up with music and melody in the movie version.This book having written 6 decades ago, I have a strong feeling that J.K Rowling would have got few ideas from the Lord of the Rings for her Harry Potter.I felt this coz when I read about things like the dark lord, forest and the species like trolls, elves, etc, I felt that I revisited Harry Potter once more but of course, the plots of both the stories are completely different.

Like every book, this one also started with a prologue, notes from the prequel- hobbit and ended with a suspense. I’m just waiting to read what would happen to Frodo Baggins after the black riders that were following him got filled with the madness and terror once they find a white light with white riders.Would the white riders save Frodo from the black ones? Or would the white ones try to grab that evil ring from Frodo? Let me wait to read the second book in this series to know more. I did not give the rating as 5/5 rather gave it 4/5 as I was able to predict few parts of the story while I was reading.Overall an excellent entertainer so far that makes the reader be a part of the hobbit world.


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