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The Lord of the Rings- The Ring Goes South

This would be my shortest book review since the title of the book is very well known in this planet and if aliens outside this earth read,they would be aware of this too.This is the second book in the Lord of the Ring series and covers the work put in by J.R.R Tolkien under the “The Fellowship of the Ring”.There are ten chapters in this book that starts with where Frodo wakes up in Elrond after being stabbed with the orc’s knife and ends the tenth chapter  where Frodo and Sam break the fellowship and start off the journey separately with the ring.Initially when I started reading the series, I had planned not to watch the movie series unless I read all the books like what I did for Harry Potter.But,I couldn’t stop watching the movies starting from The Hobbit.

The author literally takes the reader through a virtual journey of Frodo and the other eight folks to Mordor which makes the book a definite rating of 5/5.


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