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Business @ The Speed of Thought – Bill Gates

This book has been lying on my bookshelf since 2011 January.I received this book as a gift from my workplace then. This was also signed by the business leader of the vertical for which I was working then.Two things that made me unhappy when I received it. a) I wanted a biography of Steve Jobs that was gifted to one of my colleague b) I didn’t understand what Mr.Bill Gates was talking about. Poof..I bid a short goodbye to the book and it was lying in there for half a decade.Like I always repeat in my other posts, I wanted to read a non-fiction book for the 2nd half of this month and I decided to choose this. To my astonishment, for obvious reasons, the book looked old.Before starting to read this book, I wanted to know what is this book all about and more about this author. So, I looked at few book reviews and watched Bill Gates Ted Talk.”This man is extremely intelligent and nerdy with a democrat political view and helping nature”- this was what I understood about Bill Gates.

When I started reading this book, I got to know that, this book is very much time- bound that had been written for folks who never went digital in the year 1999 and Bill Gates had made people understand the importance of reduced use of physical paper and moving digital thereby marketing every damn product developed by Microsoft.In this era of virtual reality at an individual level when stuff like “Oculus Rift” gets launched next week, reading this book at this point in time did not serve any purpose. And having mastered those MS -Office products for over a decade, the ones that are mentioned holds no good now.The author is not to be blamed but the reader that reads the obsolete stuff. I wondered whether I was the only one having read in the year 2016, but got relaxed when I saw latest reviews of this book which mean people still read it.

Let me put across good stuff about the book. One gets to know the evolution of the digital world explained in simple terms and plenty of practical examples. This way, the book serves like history for babies yet to be born after 10 years.I happened to know from my near ones that, there are few companies in this world (even in the United States)still doing the old school thing like taking out bundles of print outs during a business presentation, rather than using the slide sets and folks not understanding how to operate a computer, etc. Then I suggested them that, they should be offered a copy of this book so that they change since Bill Gates had given excellent examples in this book.

Coming back to my statement about point b in the first paragraph ” b) I didn’t understand what Mr.Bill Gates was talking about”. This explained my journey about technology and my reading pace.I can see myself as to how much I have improved in terms of the two things mentioned in the previous sentence.With time -increases wisdom, reading and technology provided we keep a pace of it.

I give a rating of 3.5/5 for this book since the book sounded narcissist to me.No offense, though.Otherwise, it is a recommended reading for someone that needs to know the journey of Microsoft.


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