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Best Kept Secret- Jeffrey Archer

One must be wondering, amidst the release of the new sequel, “Cometh the Hour”, why the hell, I see a review for such an old book. Yes, I say “Old is gold.There is no ageing process for any book especially, the one that entertains a reader. Any book could be read irrespective of the age of the plot provided it is not about technology that keeps getting upgraded quite often”.

When I was reading this book, Goodreads had asked us a question to all its followers on facebook – “Describe the book that you are reading in 3 words”. My response was “Sequel, Thriller, HRH”.Of course, I was the only person happy with this response because I did not get any likes for this comment.But as far as I noticed, these 3 words meant a lot to me to having read this one.Let me explain the reason behind my response.
Sequel – This does not need any explanation. Best Kept Secret is the third book in the line of Clifton Chronicles.
Thriller- The plot of this sequel was unpredictable and I enjoyed every sentence of it till the end and almost every section had a nail- biting end.
HRH- I didn’t get this acronym first.But caught this after reading about the Princess of England visiting Argentina.Her Royal Highness.

The author also covered picturesque view of the three continents – North America, Europe and South America and makes the reader’s mind and heart travel to these continents and that too in the mid-twentieth-century backdrop.He had also provided some flashback moments to remind the reader briefly about the prequel like Barringtons’ and Clifton’s childhood, love and life.This book covers the aspects of middle-aged Barringtons and Cliftons along with the next-generation people like Sebastian Clifton and Jessica Barrington. The characters that brought in the thriller moments include the new ones such as Lady Victoria,Den Pedro Martinez,Gwyneth Hughes and the forgotten Alex Fisher character also adds some thriller shade.

No doubt, I had rated this book 5/5 as it covers all the aspects of how a fiction sequel should be in my opinion.The book is not boring, a thriller covers romance and also solves some mystery.


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