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Message in a bottle- Nicholas Sparks

Do you believe in love? Yes, I do believe in love that happens unknowingly no matter what ,where and with whom. It happens like a spark and one gets addicted to that love. It could be the first love, second one or last one. It will be always remembered and of course, might not have a happy ending. It is sad that most of them fall in love and even before things move in the right direction, it just gets cut off. By the time the man realizes , the woman would have moved on and got married to someone else and lives happily thereafter. But, it is unfortunate that, even if women move on , they never forget their love that was very true and remember the man every other day in their lives .He makes the woman get butterflies in the stomach at his thought. She always has secrets that cannot be revealed to anyone when she moves on and gets a family with a different man. True love never fades.
Message in a bottle is a wonderful love story that has a very tragic end and many of them would have remembered their lost love and lost cause. Nicholas Sparks had touched many hearts and made them melt like an ice cream. This book has a very interesting prologue that contains brief evolution about how people used messages in bottles in the wake of discoveries. Every book of Sparks, has a picturesque view of North Carolina and either or both the lead characters would be based out of that state.
Theresa Osborne is based out of Boston ,a growing journalist and a mom of a twelve-year-old that falls in love with a man that had sent a message in a bottle to his dead wife. The crux of the story is how she gets to meet him,fall for him and later breaks up. She learns that Garret Blake, her lover had passed away in a shipwreck when he was trying to send a final letter to his dead wife and wanting to get married to Theresa.
This book is a romantic material and needs some more entertaining stuff to keep it going.I had rated this book 4/5 due to my personal interest in the storyline. Overall a good read, but gets little dragged in the middle.


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