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Nights in Rodanthe -Nicholas Sparks

Ever wondered making love outside marriage? Ever tried finding someone that makes you extremely happy after the worst divorce ? Ever thought that the person whom you loved outside marriage left you? Ever knew that this person also felt the same like how you felt? Ever imagined that the person whom I have been talking about died? These questions summarize the entire story of “Nights in Rodanthe”. This story is a little longer than any short story and shorter than a mid-size novel. As usual, Sparks gets the reader to North Carolina backdrop and the breezy beaches out there. He has been very creative thereby making us fall in love with the character of the story and try fantasizing the love.
Adrienne Willis and Paul Flanner are the two people whom we all want to become when we grow older .After the worst divorce from both the ends, Adrienne and Paul fall in love with each other when she becomes a caretaker of an inn for few days. Though their love lasted for a short period it was very sincere and could be felt in the pages of the book too. This story travels back in time after Adrienne confesses this to her daughter, Amanda who had, in turn, missed her spouse after he dies. How she encourages her daughter to come out of the depression and move on is being told in the book.
I had given a rating of 4 out of 5 since it is a neat romance along with few surprising twists.


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