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The Bankster – Ravi Subramanian

The Wall Street journal says ‘Meet the John Grisham of Banking’ and I say ‘Meet the Conan Dyle of India’.Like how Sherlock Holmes had created thrills and makes one get the chills down to the body, so is this book ‘The Bankster’.The unpredictable twists in the story are truly impeccable.

The story is set in the following places – Mumbai, Devikulam-Kerala,Angola and Vienna.This plot
runs around a multinational bank in Mumbai,India that is headed by a woman CEO.How a relationship manager of a bank opens a fake account claiming to be a true one and how the entire retail banking department falls as a prey into the hands of the money launderers is the story.The culprit behind this money laundering is the Head of Human Resources Department along with her spouse.There were no boring moments in this story.

This is a must read for everybody who wants to know how a bank gets involved in money laundering.The readers that want to read Indian thrillers can also opt for this.I had rated this book 5/5 for the author’s super story telling technique.


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