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The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

Off late, I have been in certain situations where I do not have time to write a blog in detail as I have been travelling last 3 months and also making few hospital visits. Have missed out on reading the beautifully written blogs of my fellow bloggers too.Am trying to make time to catch up with all that and ensure that I read at least 2 books every month.My book inventory comprises of many fictional novels by Nicholas Sparks and I have been reading few of them nowadays amidst so many life’s so-called obstacles.

“The Last Song”- I had seriously misinterpreted the understanding of the title and thought that the climax would end up like “Nights in Rodanthe” where one of the partners in love dies.Yes, someone dies here too and it turns out to be the father.This book is a family drama that emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with parents and siblings no matter whether we still live with them or separately.It talks about how the father, after divorcing the mother of the kids, tries to regain the kids’ love and in the meantime dies of cancer.

With a backdrop of North Carolina, this novel artistically describes the beauty of the beaches there and makes the reader travel mentally to the state of NC.With limited characters and some young people stuff included, this book is readable for all the age groups.I had given a rating of 4/5 as this story is little different like I said and makes me think that I should settle down in a place where there are beaches.


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