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Countdowns are exciting

Countdowns are exciting and after every countdown, there is an outcome. That could be either a present or a person or a result or an event or a mere emoticon.I felt there is a need for me to spice up things in life after having this terrible feeling of being alone during the weekdays and ending up being unproductive doing nothing other than the household chores. This feeling had become a worrisome thing to me as I had been an ambitious person earlier in my life and took a good turn of things .

Before I turned 27, I had a very good job, owned an apartment, got married and felt that everything in my life was good . My 7 years of life after I turned 20 was like a snapshot of an action film with a very good climax.Slowly things turned haywire and as of now, I stand in a place where I do not have a job, depending everything on my husband and an outstanding mortgage with a diminishing bank balance. My life has been questioning me as to what did I achieve in the last 5 years?How much more time do I need to wait for things to get better?I always know that waiting is no reason, I need to act today. But due to few glitches, I have been waiting for the last 2 years and hopefully, this wait will come to an end very soon where I can start seeing my old self.Does this mean that have I started my countdown? The answer to this question is affirmative.

This time, my countdown is not going to me just in the numbers, but from a lifted idea.For the next 26 weeks, starting this week(25th July 2016), am going to start “A to Z blogging”.Which means every week am going to write a blog that starts with one letter starting with A and ending with Z .At the end of 26 weeks let us see how many things have turned around. As a closing blog to this project after Z, I (older and wiser me)would be checking in and writing a blog with the outcome.

Wish me luck and let that lady luck shower back.on me. Happy A to Z blogging.


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