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A-Angels do exist? – A to Z countdown

This is my first post in the A to Z countdown. I’m not challenging anyone but counting these 26 weeks down for good.

Angels !!!! When one looks at this word or rather I call this an expression because it gives a good feeling about these six letters,most of the people on this earth, question God’s existence since there are wrong things happening everywhere.

This post is not written with an intent of arguing whether God exists or not,and I’m no theologian or scientist to understand that extreme level of conversation. I always did believe that angels exist.Now comes the questions as to how do these angels look like? Are they fairies with beautiful bodies, mesmerizing faces, the wand or those wings? Or do they look like our long gone ancestors ? I don’t think so. This impeccable expression ‘Angels’ could be in any form – living or nonliving.When God can’t be present everywhere he made the angels. Or for those that don’t believe in God’s existence, nature brings luck or every person that crosses path in our life might teach us some values in life.

Everyone knows what a living angel means.It means that they can be in the form of a parent,guardian, sibling,friend, teacher,well-wisher or any pet.I say they can be all angels because they might have played some part in our lives that made us enlighten and move on with the journey of life with a new perspective.These guys are an absolute blessing in disguise.Without these people, we might have never moved on and could have got stuck somewhere in life or never ever lived. We might have learned from them directly by taking advice or indirectly by copying their actions.These living angels do exist in everyone’s life.

According to me, angels are not only the living beings but also certain objects that guide us. Those objects are created by people whom we don’t know in person but follow them anonymously.Maybe we follow their blogs , facebook pages,books,sketches or sayings.In this internet world, I have had several angels that I came across whom I didn’t know in person but knew them through their work.For example, Elizabeth Gilbert is a great author. I really don’t know her in person.But I follow her facebook page for everyday lessons and have been a great fan of her books. I was actually down with a lot of things but the spark in me had rekindled just because of what she had come up with and what she wanted to tell this world. To me, the angel is her facebook page and the Big Magic lessons she had taught and not her. She is a known personality that motivated me to mention her name. However, when I go through the blogs from various people in this WordPress, they have all taught me something or the other and motivated me to get back to normalcy. At times, the bloggers have made me travel to their world along with them and made me wonder as to why these folks are so imaginative and how seductive in writing that made me fall for them.These guys are absolute angels but since I know them through the medium of blogs, the blog posts are my angels.Music and art go without saying. The music, book,art makes someone so romantically inclined that you forget to live this world and start living with that fictitious person through their work.Can I call them angels? According to me the art that is an abstract of a person is an angel as a whole no matter what.Any blessing or a notion that make us forget our existing lives and carries the soul along with it is an angel.

Apart from these categories, I also say that the activities that we indulge on day to day basis are angels. For example, if I go for a walk in the park, the park is an angel to me since it makes me travel all the way physically through its interior and for that time being I’m a traveler across its cuts and curves.Shopping malls are angels too as it makes us forget the bank balance and shop.The car that we are riding, is an angel as it takes us to places where we want to go.This computer and tablet are angels in its own form and the list goes on.

To conclude,angels can be anything that makes us move on with our life no matter what and its mere existence in different forms make us breathe and have a heartbeat. They can be good or bad but does not stop the heart beat. And that which stops our heart beat is an angel in a peculiar form that wants us to travel to a different world and says “Babe, you are required to be an angel yourself to folks elsewhere “.


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