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PMI: Agile Certified Practitioner by Subramanian Chandramouli, Saikat Dutt

This book might not interest many folks and the reason for choosing this book is two-fold:
a. I had purchased this book after looking at the ratings in and the publisher is Pearson.
b.I’m already a certified PMP and wanted to understand Agile Project Management.
When I made a short 45-day trip to India and visited my mom’s, to my astonishment,I found that all the good non-fiction books were almost in a perishing stage.The Act of God , the devastating floods in the city paved a way to broken bookshelves and bookworms.I had to just scrap most of the books but could retain very few of them and one of it was “PMI: Agile Certified Practitioner”.After fixing it to how much ever I could, I carried a few of them here while travelling back.As part of my reading challenge, I wanted to read this book under the non-fiction category.
The first thing before I started reading the book was , I went through the ratings on Goodreads. In fact, they were bad, people hardly gave a 1 star.Poof!!! Because I trusted ,the credibility of the authors and their designations at work , I continued reading this.
After reading this book, I had these questions: Why was the rating so less?Why was this book not proof-read?The rating was less because the authors are from India and their native language is not English.They had done their best to get the whole stuff from the brain and decode the material in English from their mother tongue. The other readers are native English language speakers and cannot blame them for the rating since they would not be comfortable with the language put in there.The biggest mistake that these authors made was, the book was not proof-read properly. It had several spelling mistakes apart from the grammar.I’m imperfect too and I belong to their category but I understand the basics of how a book should look and that too non-fiction and used for PMI exams as a reference in India.
The good part of the book is, the explanation given therein is very exhaustive. They tried bringing in the live examples along with the pictorial representation of stuff so that even a novice professional can understand. Wherever possible, there are discussion points for more research.The readers should make an attempt to answer these discussion points that will form a good basis to improve their knowledge on the practical aspects of managing projects.There are PMI-ACP watch sections that stress the reader to prepare that topic for the exam in case if the reader is planning for one. After each chapter , there are many questions and answers to be solved and the book has four model exam papers to be solved. This makes it a complete read for someone preparing for the exam.
However, PMI has not recommended this book as part of 11 Agile books for exam preparation.If someone had purchased this book, there is no disappointment due to the reasons mentioned above.I have rated this book 3.5/5 just for these positive points.

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