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Many Lives, Many Masters -Brian L.Weiss

Many Lives Many Masters had reignited my longtime passive philosophical side.During my childhood days, I was taught so much about karma, reincarnation and the presence of a Supreme Soul.My cousins and I were made to practice all these customs and our uncle used to literally yell at us if we did not abide by these. So due to the fear of my uncle, I had inculcated these things in my mind.After I moved separately and started working, all these teachings had gone into my subconscious mind and life moved on without thinking about karma or reincarnation.I should thank this book and the author for making me remind of such things and bring back those things into my conscious mind.

Many Lives Many Masters is a book that was written by Dr.Brian L Weiss who had practiced psychiatry for years and had become a pseudo-scientist by assuming that everything needs an equation to prove. His young patient , Catherine brought him into light that made changes to the life of the patient and the doctor.The patient started living in reality and moved out of depression.The doctor changed the way he viewed his profession and life.

In this book, when the author, the doctor himself performed the hypnotic regression to understand the reason for the patient’s fears, he discovered the past life of the patient. In the process, he also discovered that she had visions of 10 past lives of hers  out of 86 lives she had lived. In all the lives she belonged to different races and places.It was also understood that few people from her present life also were part of the previous lives.This patient also showed signs of the death during her past lives and the transition of the soul from one body to the other.During the transition, she got in contact with the Masters and transferred the knowledge of those Masters to the doctor during this session.It seems she had told the doctor that, the Masters had the intention to coach the doctor and not herself.The good or bad that she had done in the earlier lives placed a mark on the present life of Catherine.Which is why I said this book, explicitly reminded me of “Karma”.

Towards the end of all sessions, apart from the patient getting healed from her fears, she had become more confident and felt relieved thereby bringing a fresh start to her life.The doctor also moved into full-time practice of hypnotic and past life regression and cured more than 4000 people after Catherine.

This book is recommended for someone that had lost confidence in life, have been feeling like ending this life or someone that had been always depressed.There is no right or wrong time of life to read this book but it feels more refreshed for someone who have had negatives vibes so far.The preaching of the Masters and experiences of Catherine make us better to embrace the limelight of how a life should be.I have rated this book 4/5 since at the end too many repetitions made me rush finishing the book.


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