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C- Chocolate – A to Z Countdown

Everybody under the sun and of course nothing goes without having exceptions do love the pulp of Theobroma cacao seeds in different forms,shapes and colors. Wondering what? This is the taxonomic classification of the cocoa tree and none other than chocolate.As part of this weeks C Countdown, I have chosen this topic – Chocolate. These are the few forms or reasons for my Chocolate I love.

Chocolate Bar:file35394

Chocolate in its crude form that was known to me was always the chocolate bar.Bars have created a total affection with the palette and tongue. Of course, this came from the British when they invaded India. Cadbury’s dairy milk and the bar used to be synonyms when I was a child.Whenever I have a bite,I feel like flying to the Heaven.

Chocolate Drink:p113146z

For me,the first drinking chocolate had been Cadbury’s again.But Hershey’s is yummier.Even after three decades of my existence on this planet, I love drinking the chocolate in both hot and cold modes.Thanks to Hershey’s for their wonderful recipes. It is worth trying.

Chocolate Ice cream:   78

Who would say no to this nectar of life?Ice cream or gelato or frozen yogurt or pastry or croissant in any chocolate form definitely gets connected to the heart and love.My dad was the one that got me used to this ice cream flavor and my mom built that in my heart.

Chocolate colored lipstick5ba96e_dd4e7d9c1bb64b3c8860559f8141e566

This color lipstick does enhance the sexiness of a woman.This dark lip color makes the face appear brighter.

Chocolate wax:    gigiwax

Every woman gets more confident after the waxing appointment. Chocolate is my choice.

Chocolat – Movie:    jonnydeppchocolatmovie

Watching this movie and Johnny Depp is a treat. I call this movie an ode to love and not just for the sake of entertainment.

La Femme chocolatA french song :

I love the lyrics of this song. I’m like this cartoon and feel like gaining weight after I think about the chocolate.

Chocolate cure :   woman-eating-chocolate

Finally chocolate cures sickness, PMS, depression, fear of failure and every damn negative thing in life. That’s what I believe.






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