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PMI-ACP® Exam Prep, Premier Edition – Mike Griffiths

Why another Agile book? Because I would like to get a better perspective of Agile.
Why Agile ?Because I know Agile is used commonly nowadays and need to understand best practices.
Why Best Practices? Because best practices in terms of tools & technologies and knowledge & skills need to be known from the best Agile coach.
Why best Agile Coach? Because best agile coach brings out the best in us be it in person, virtually or by reading their material.
Why reading their material? Because Mike Griffiths is the best.

This is how, Mike Griffiths had explained the concept of five-whys , one of the tools & techniques used to find out the root -cause of some problem.The approaches in this book seem to be practical and way better than so much material available online and in this planet .As a person interested in becoming “Agile”, I feel this book saves lot of time in going through stuff and every concept is self-explanatory.I felt as if Mike Griffiths was teaching in person when I was reading the book.The book is categorized in terms of the 6 domains of Agile methodology and each methodology has the respective tools & technologies and knowledge & skills apart from the Agile manifesto and principles.Practical questions are given at the end of each chapter along with the answers that have a clear explanation as to the reason behind the solution.He had also provided, the tips & tricks after certain topics that highlight the importance of how the topic appears in the exam.This also contains the exam tips and what a person should focus and should not be focused. As mentioned elsewhere, this book does not only serve the purpose of just getting certified but also serve as a guide for an Agile practitioner.

I had given an obvious rating of 5/5 because this book had been the best project management book that I ever read.


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