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F-Friends in THIS f***** life – A to Z countdown

People talk about the afterlife, rebirth, reincarnation and other things like friends,soul mates, etc from the previous birth. I’m not sure whether all this is fact or fiction.And I’m a no qualified person to criticize or comment. However, I can talk about friends and other relationships in this birth that am very much present and living into. Last week, after a long weekend and few traumatic shocks from the present life family, I wanted to write about friends and what are the different roles they have played or are playing or would play in my life. Thanks to them for making me come back and blog.Had they not rejuvenated me, I would have been one of the saddest soul of the week.

Playmates as friends:

'My imaginary playmate can whip your imaginary playmate!'

When I was a kid, my playmates usually the neighbor kids used to be my friends.We used to break every possible thing kept in the common area of the apartment, pour water everywhere and play with the sand.The worst thing what we used to do was, play Cricket in the terrace and some Tom’s, Dick’s or Harry’s head used to get hurt if they were passing near our apartment.Childhood was all the fun when we didn’t know what was good or bad and what should be done or not.We used to bully the younger kids and make them do all the work such getting sand for us down the corner of the street or fetching water in a bottle.

School mates as friends:



The next comes the school kids. A school is a place where a person’s most of the childhood is spent.I studied in a school where they had classes from the Kindergarten  up to Class -12.So, I had spent 14 years of my life with the same kids .We all grew up together and known each other’s families such that we used to have holidays and nights spent at the friend’s place.We used to take bikes to school and while getting back home, ride very slowly on the road and stop at every possible place just to gossip and have a get together after the school hours. People at home used to think I was lost or somebody kidnapped me on the way since I never used to go home on time.Who can forget those golden days of life?

College mates as friends:


Not everyone gets to attend the same college from school. Each one of us had different interests and ended up majoring in different subjects not correlated to each other.College was a different environment  where we had different friends and all of us crossed “sweet -`16” . Definitely, we all had crushes and those days were like dressing up just for our crushes and all the makeup on.We did not have dress code unlike school and all the fun plays. Though I had crushes, I remained single and was a type of nerd.

Colleagues as friends:


Here came the next stage of life when few of my colleagues in the team became friends. We used to discuss job opportunities outside, getting out for friendly lunches, discussing investments and what are the expectations of a partner in personal life. Of course, we don’t talk much about personal life, since few of them closer as friends we used to take or give advice’s to each other, visit their family and invite home for a get-together. I had another circle of female colleagues with whom I used to talk about my crushes.Unfortunately, my crushes were beyond all these circles and I did not befriend my crushes for the basic fact that the purpose of having crushes will fade away. I regret all that, had I befriended one of my crushes, I might have had chances to end of with him tying a knot. Okay, no regrets, I’m going with the flow now.

Friends from acquaintances, clubs and common classes:

'Hey! I don't know you do I? I never met you before!'

I made friends through acquaintances, health clubs and other places where I visited my music classes, etc.Some of them have gotten close and still we manage to stay in touch over the phone or facebook.

Now, I’m going to write about what role my friends played.

Friends as sisters:


Mostly the girlfriends played a role of sisters.They give advice about fashion, guys, family, relationships and every advice under the sun. Whether I listen to them or not is another question altogether.

Friend as a healer:


Whenever there is a family situation or when I get f **** up into something unusual, I run into one friend of mine who is ready to advise even at 2 am. Because of time zone difference, I don’t run into her often.She being 10000 miles away, I give her a call and she advises me. Thanks to her, she made me get back to the flow this week..

Friend as a chef:


There is a friend of mine, who advises me on the recipes and gets me try .I try and send a picture on WhatsApp , providing my reviews.

Virtual friends:


All my real friends have become virtual and telephony friends. Changes in the relationship statuses and jobs have made everyone move away from each other and thanks to the technology at least we get to stay in touch with friends and family.

Here ends my small post.




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