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Every time when people ask “Hey, how are you“? or “How is life?” or “How is everything?”,I give an answer stating that “I’m doing great and awesome.”.I personally think that telling others exactly how we feel at that moment is not a right thing.We might not be doing great, but actually frustrated and feel like slapping someone.By telling others that we are doing good, might really make us feel good and that does generate positive vibes and creates a positive aura for ourselves as well the other person.



When I asked a random person this question , he answered me “Am living the dream”. This guy had an auto insurance stall set up in the Walmart stores. He works for one of the major insurance brokers and literally has daily targets to meet. If this guy doesn’t meet his target for the next few days, he is fired.His job is very difficult convincing the prospective customers to buy the product.Unfortunately, many people turn down his offers.Either because they already have an auto insurance with somebody else or with this company or they are not too keen to listen or look at his face.Poor chap, he has to smile, even when he has a bad day.Else, the slight prospect that he might get also fades away.




I have seen many people including my close acquaintances, telling others that they are not doing OK or just OK, despite having good things on their plate.I see these people as “bugs in the society”. Like many people say, an emotion is contagious.If people around us start saying that they are not doing good or not OK even when their life gives the best what they deserve, they pollute others’ mind.These people don’t get satisfied and they want better things in life. When they get to that better stage, they want something else. This situation puffs me out when my acquaintances keep brooding about things that they don’t have rather than what they already have.I’m aware of the fact that, when people want more and more, they fall into the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is good for the self, family and economy.That is how people grow in life in terms of wealth.But, I feel that if a person wants to grow, they first need to have a mental stability and feel great about themselves and move forward towards the target.




I don’t mean that a person should fake their feelings every time and pretend to be happy when they are not.What I meant was confessing their feelings to someone they trust or getting rid of negativity by taking up something like a job or hobby or anything that keeps their mind occupied is necessary.I have seen another person in my life. She has a well-settled life except for her nagging husband, she is always in that “off- mode” and if anyone talks to her they also start feeling sad and think about all bad things in their life. I say she is like a dementor in Harry Potter . When I talk to her, she spreads all the negativity and I start feeling sad for this short life and start feeling pity about myself. Yes, do not be anyone’s dementor .So, at that juncture,  I shout “Expecto Patronum” within myself before I get kissed by her.I either disconnect her call or don’t attend hers. Guess who ?


'I tried to warn him - garbage in, garbage out.''In general, do the right thing.'

A friend of mine feels that my opinion is incorrect.She says that we need to tell people exactly how we feel at that moment even if the person is a stranger.I don’t agree with her approach. This is because, I worked as a team manager and know exactly what happens when we “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. The recipient of our garbage might not responsible for our garbage. So, making his day bad just because somebody made our day bad, doesn’t make sense to me. And moreover makes the work environment portentous.


funny-dilbert-believe-karma-comic-pics       happy

In short, I say be happy and spread happiness. What  goes around, comes back around.Next time, when someone greets,I’m going to say “AM DOING GGREAAATT”.


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