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Hello, my friends. After 2 weeks of taking a blog break, I’m back fresh and the aftermath of an exam that I had to take. Hoping to restart my reading goals and every week blog from this week onward. For the letter “I” , I’m going to write about ice cream and the different types of ice creams I have had so far.Obviously, I cannot have a say of what I haven’t eaten or tasted. Ice cream – why is it called ice cream It’s all ice,frozen,sugar,dairy, gluten, infinite calories and lots of energy.Most of them love the sight of this food too. So I also call it “Eyes- Scream”. After someone looks at it, they make an attempt to scream from the heart not to get scared or run away but to run towards it.

My first ice cream:

I exactly do not remember when I had my first ice cream but remember the period. I was little and sick. My dad gave me a ride in his scooter one midnight to this place where they sell ice creams all night.That place was pretty close to my school and near the beach. He was like “Sandy, have this ice cream .You will get better. Sickness will disappear like a fairy tale.”.  He was the first person to call me Sandy and he was also the first person to make me eat an ice cream when I was sick. Boom, it really subsided next day and I was sick- free in a couple of days. I’m not sure about the logic behind it but even to this day, whenever I’m sick I eat ice cream. Thanks to my dad in the heaven, he made me remember him and my first ice cream today.My first ice cream was a chocolate flavor in a cup. Yummy, any girl loves it , I guess so?

Ball ice cream:


Ball ice creams used to be “the thing” when I was little .All the kids used to love them too because the ice cream was served in a plastic ball and after eating we could take them home, wash and play with them. Every kid used to collect as many ice cream balls as possible for fun. The color of the cap in the ball used to depict the ice cream flavor. For example, blue cap means it is a vanilla ice cream, pink one means strawberry, brown one represents chocolate flavor and so on.Every time we go out, mom used to buy this ice cream for me. Aww, love her.

Cone Ice cream:

Ice cream in a crispy cone.This ice cream used to be the cheapest, softest and it was sold for 5 bucks(Indian rupees).As a school kid and relying just on the pocket money, whenever there is a chance, we all used to grab them. Every week, the ice cream guy used to serve in a variety of flavors. As kids, we all used to ensure that we grab a cone every week and taste any damn flavor he comes up with.

Stick Ice cream:

If anybody wants to have a colored tongue, they can have the stick ice cream. Every time someone licks this ice cream, whatever color the ice cream is made up of, sticks hard to the tongue like in the picture above. The stick ice cream is juicy and melts immediately. Usually, this used to sold by the street hawkers in a small trolley. Nowadays they are sold in the shops too.When I was little, I had some kids as my enemies(especially the ones that were little than me) I used to have a grape- flavored ice cream and scare them away by showing my tongue especially in the dark. Sshhh, I used to pretend to my mom that I didn’t do any mistake . Poor woman, she used to believe me.This was the ice cream that even the previous generation loved. My mother in law too. She loves this. So I make it a point to get this for her whenever I visit her. Small things make people happy.That’s what I believe.

Sundaes and Cassattas:

These were the ice creams that I used to get every day after writing an exam, especially in my 10th and 12th classes. I used to be the chubby, over pampered, nerd momma’s kid .After her work, she used to bring it for me and my cousins used to get envious . Lol !! Those were the days.Now I wonder how many millions of calories I consumed during my first 20 years of my pampered life.

Fudges and brownies:



I didn’t know what a fudge was until I joined the college. The first time when I went to an ice cream parlor with my college mates, that was the time I had this fudge. Every first experience seems to be thrilled and I was deeply immersed in this ice cream whereas my college mates were busy talking about the guys and fashion. Did I miss anything????. And I never regret as I enjoyed my world then as I did not have any heart breaks or any breakup.

Chocolate Chip Ice cream:


Whenever I visit my uncle’s, my aunt and uncle make it a point to stock this chocolate chip ice cream in their fridge.Even though they are in their 70’s and are impacted by super cholesterol, they get it for me and they cheat it away too. Like I said, small things make people happy and I don’t regret them having it too.

IBaco :

Even a week before I was getting married, I used to spend some alone time in this ice cream parlor. It was called ibaco. I used to have several scoops and take home a few more just to enjoy the moment. Do I call myself as an ice cream addict? I don’t think so. Of course, I do have a control over it. The first time, when my husband visited my home, I took him there and he also became the fan of ibaco. If someone visits Chennai(South India), make it a point to stop over at any ibaco to escape into the ice cream world.

Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Dreyers, Great Value or be it no value:

Whatever may be the brand be it – Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Dreyers, Great Value or be it no value any ice cream surely does create value to me.Sometimes I survive on ice creams as dinner or mood enhancer or a therapy for anything at times.Anyone that bought me ice cream has melted my heart.Thanks to anyone that has done so far.

I forgot to mention about this waffle ice cream. Someone who hated me got this for me. Thanks to her too.





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