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It is almost 12 am here and I’m too sure what to write after a super cool hangover.Yes, it is Saturday night and I have a personal goal of finishing this A to Z countdown blog for the letter J.What else could I think of the letter J other than the word “Jealousy” at this point in time.

What is jealousy ? Is it just a feeling like being happy, sad, worried, ecstatic ? Or does it belong to a class of emoji mentioned in the social networking sites? Or is it just another English word starting with J?

Whenever someone possesses something beautiful be it a smile or a lipstick shade or a boyfriend or a job . Those people assume that somebody else could jealous of them when they lose that thing. Is it really possible or is that jealousy of a person so powerful that they lose something that they are proud of ? Absolutely not. Only pride makes them lose and not jealousy.

Jealousy could be both a motivator and a demotivator. It is a motivator because one feels on top of the world when somebody else envies what this person has. Demotivator because if one feels when somebody is getting jealous, that person feels like he or she going to lose those things some day.They feel unprotected and start moving away from people assuming that less is better.

Like other emotions, this emotion is needed for anyone to get the stuff balanced. This world operates in a balance mode. For example, the 2 negatives of a person X might be offset by 2 positives of that person’s partner and vice versa.

This could encourage a person to do better in life or altogether deceive the target.The emotional Intelligence is required for every person in order to first control the self and then others.This way jealousy can be contained too.

This attribute in a person’s character is important to be controlled .Because it is like a devil and gets the customers out of the routine.

A healthy way of helping to get rid of jealousy. Take it in a positive manner and improve performance that enhances this factor.


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