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Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

When 50 shades of Grey was published, along with me there were millions that went crazy. It was that time when amazon showed me Jane Eyre in the recommendation column when I placed an order of 50 shades of Grey . After going through the synopsis, I liked the idea that the novel, Jane Eyre was dated back to the year 1816 and was published in 1847.I ordered this book then and kept it on the bookshelf for a long time.I did not read many reviews of the book because I would get carried away with the comments and become biased .After 4 long years, I made up my mind to read this novel.

My book has 509 pages and it reminded me of all English novels like Oliver Twist, Gulliver’s Travels,Little Women,Tom Sawyer ,etc. These were some of the English novels that were suggested for us when we were in school.But, Jane Eyre has a totally different shade to this vintage list.I was surprised to look at how feminism started flourishing 2 centuries ago and we are not still there yet in many places although there has been a revolution.Apart from feminism-it also portrays the ages of bad healthcare,non-auto transportation, nonelectricity .

Like every other English novel, the author has described the circumstances and the situation around in detail. She had taken us literally to her world since this is an autobiography. She has set up a beautiful example to women in terms of what true love is, what it takes to find a job ,how she forgives her aunt in spite of she blaming poor Jane for her behavior over her son and how she agrees to share her inherited wealth with her cousins.

I have two favorite characters in this novel apart from Jane Eyre – Mr. Rochester and Helen Burns. Every girl child needs to be like Helen Burns ; very bold and brave.Mr. Rochester goes without saying. He is shown as a gentleman and I feel he resembles the character of Mr. Hank Rearden . Actually, it is the other way round.

I have rated this classic 4/5 on Goodreads. This book is a must read for all women.


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