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Last night, I felt like watching some horror movie, so I watched one of the Insidious movies.In that movie, Renai, the lead character, she plays the piano and sings the song:”Yeah, I’m looking west, always been looking that way, gonna get it all happening, just can’t do it today…”.

I loved the lyrics of the song and I’m not sure what the songwriter had in mind or what the actual singer thought of it. But , a surge of thoughts flowed like a river in my mind. Is it like everybody looks west rather than east ? When the sun rises in the east ,we are looking at the rising sun,our day also rises and so our life is supposed to. If we are looking west, that’s the setting sun and our life sets that way.

Almost every person belonging to the east looks at west, not at the setting sun but towards the western map. Which means everyone looks at the UK, USA, Europe.Is it because of western invasion in almost every country. For example, India was invaded by British and Indians got the habit of being subservient to the white man(British then). Our forefathers took all the orders from the British forgetting their self-respect. That day they started looking west and the genes passed to us and we too started looking west not exactly for the same reason but for opportunities. We have forgotten that the opportunities could be created in a place other than West. So that had led the entire east to get drained into the west and what we call brain drain.

Looking and living west is not cake walk either. I’m personally experiencing a lot of issues. Leave alone the culture, the entire world has become a global village because of technological advances and living in other cultures has become easier.For example, the mindset of job interviewers is so different here. In the United States, we really need to be very hard working, getting into details, looking at the big picture, be timely there is no place for tardiness, unlike east.We have to be very independent in every aspect right from fixing our own bikes ,filling the gas, household work to painting our house. I say when we look at the west, we need to become independent. Whereas in India, we have people for everything I mentioned above. We have people around when we need help and there is a plethora of relationship, emotions, and bonding. We need to cut- off from our parents and siblings when we look west.Every day, I have this heart stabbed feeling when I think my old mom is all alone and I need to look east very soon.Not that I have achieved anything here, other than writing blogs, driving wisely, living independent, understood my husband better meanwhile being jobless.

People look west and forget east.That is the reason why most of the developed countries are in the west and not east. We all should get rid off our forefathers’ subservient genes towards the west and start looking east and create more opportunities and stop this red-tapism and pave a better way for innovation and structurize the eastern economies. That way at least our future generation gets to see a developed east. I wish after I’m long gone, I could just appear as a soul to witness the developed east once with these same eyes happily satisfied. This revolution might take another half a century .


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