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During the progress of countdown, I discovered many things about me and people around me. All good and bad things are getting under this countdown umbrella.In short, “I’m getting enlightened”.

When I was in school, I was one of the class toppers in academics.There was a healthy competition between four of our classmates and that included me.Even the teachers used to motivate all 4 of us for the school topper rank. But the catch is, the other three guys had pretty well-settled parents. Their parents had excellent jobs or businesses and those guys used to have expensive cars and bikes. They also used to wear expensive clothes whenever we have a get-together .My mom was a school teacher with a very less pay and a single parent. We used to live in my grand mother’s house and there was a lot of bullying from my cousins and neighbors. Because I used to wear old clothes and always with a book in hand. My mom could not pay my school fees, but I got few scholarships and financial assistance from one of my uncles. This financial assistance was given to me provided I get one of the top ranks else that would be shelved off. I was too scared of not getting educated, so I used to study and ensure that I get one of the top ranks.

I had a gang of friends who used to visit home or make me visit their houses so that I can teach or mentor them before the exams. They were like really they needed help because they couldn’t follow the subject. So almost every day I used to spend 4 hours after school teaching them.This went on and on . One fine day, after my school results came out, to my dismay, one girl from that gang scored more than me and I was not part of the topper list. I was disappointed because I was not one of the topper and happy also for my friend. I was like, I mentored her and she picked up stuff better and excelled. She cut me off stating that I was jealous of her and she got into her own gang.

Later, we happened to join the same college , she got admission quicker than me and did not talk to me. She used to ignore me and had her own gang of friends and later time passed by. We moved out of college and got into different workplaces.We barely had contact with each other. After many years of wisdom, we got to catch up and she is a mother of two boys. All those school girls whom I used to mentor formed a WhatsApp group and everyone is married and leading their own life. We have been chatting for almost 3 years and stayed in touch. I felt , “WOW, WISDOM”.

Things took a twist today when I discovered something fishy in the whole thing.She confessed this like a joke of the century and I’m totally in shock. I discussed this with my mom and she was like “I already told you that they have been bitching you and you never listened to me.Your adolescence made you adamant and now you think everyone has become matured.But no one has changed”.The girl who scored more than me had got jealous of me during my school days. She had plotted this with her gang and ensured that I get disturbed every day so that I don’t have time to study. They used to pretend that they don’t understand and wasted 4 hours every day. They had contacts with the person setting up the exam, paid him, chased the question paper and got all the questions before the exam.They had shared this with the entire class and ensured that I did not know this.They made use of my weakness and bad logistics at home. I didn’t have a phone so no contact and I used to get carried away very easily and believe that everyone is a friend to me.The whole thing jolted me inside out. So many years of friendship that’s what I thought, deceived me. Even though all this did not impact anything in my life later, but I feel that I have been misled by the wrong group of people around me. They had rigged, cheated and I lost trust in all of them.

I had arguments with my mom several times in my life for these set of “so-called” friends. I used to shout at her and support them whatever that came by. I realize now that my mom was right and I lost it to her. This countdown process of 26 weeks has awakened me to many things. Let’s see what all I get to know by the end of Z week.


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