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The title of this post might sound little different from the other countdown posts. Yes, but I do call the title as “Potato”. In my opinion, the potato is one of the vegetables that is used as a cooking ingredient in all the cultures and all the countries.Amazing, this vegetable is universally accepted without any caveat or racial discrimination.This vegetable cuts across this planet including Mars as portrayed in the movie, Martian.There is no reservation attached to it.

Potatoes could be eaten in any form – peeled, mashed, thawed, fried, boiled, etc. There is no snack in this world without a potato.Okay, I think I have written enough about this vegetable. I wanted to write about how my free time has slightly drifted from reading books to becoming a couch potato.

I had developed reading books during free time and setting up goals on as a challenge for myself. I had set up a goal of 20 books out of which I had read 17 so far. But played a role in this and I somehow got so much addicted to watching the 20-year-old sitcom “Friends”. This winter and free time had made me start watching this sitcom continuously for several hours during weekends. I’m forcing myself to get up and work out for some time and as soon as I get back home, I’m just finding time to watch the series.To my dismay, I never thought I would get addicted to this series and had to take a mandatory break off the laptop and write this blog as well.

What I like about the series is that I love all the characters in the series and I wish I had cool friends like that in real life.I love their funny conversations and the way they get dressed up especially those girls.I also learned how the young New York culture looked like 20 years ago , the title song that had so much meaning to it apart from the attractive set of the series.

Being a home alone temporary couch potato in this winter seems to be nice and I’m enjoying this short time without worrying too much about anything in life.


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