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Q-Quite happened-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

Anna is 70 years old and she is dying.

When Anna was 20, she worked in a firm that hired all the college pass- outs. As a freshman, just out of college, she started working really hard and got a good decade long career after which she had a 2-year break at work and set things up with her husband. They were literally moving apart, in order to mend things back, she quit the job and stitched her relationship back, got back to work later.Before she met her husband, Anna fell in love with Tom. Tom was an amazing guy with so much energy and he was a cricketer. Anna’s college mate Bella was pretty close to Tom and she had a crush on Tom, whereas Tom was being just friends with Bella. Anna was too afraid to ask Tom out and instead told this to Bella. Anna was unaware that Bella had a crush on Tom and she had manipulated something to Anna about Tom. Anna moved on and later discovered Bella’s story. Bella moved on and did not be with Tom either.Anna kept stalking Tom online and got to know his whereabouts. Of course, no girl forgets her first love even if it did not work out. Tom, comes in Anna’s dreams quite often and she just sets aside all these things and looks at the reality.

One day, when Anna turns 40, all the ex-colleagues met and Anna confesses her 2-decade secret love to Tom. Tom gets shocked to hear this since he also apparently liked Anna and did not confess this to her because Bella made up things and everything went untold. Tom had a wife and 2 children. Anna had a husband but no children. Tom and Anna decided to take a walk for some time leaving the other colleagues aside.Anna had this urge from her heart to kiss him but was too afraid looking at the status quo of things.But, Anna did not hesitate to ask him for a long ride just to talk for some time. They took a leave behind all the colleagues and went for a long ride switching off their mobile phones.

Anna spoke everything from her heart and told Tom about how she secretly loves him to this day and she doesn’t have any reasons to betray her husband. Tom too spoke his heart out and they spent all the evening up to late night talking in the beach. Out of blue, Tom kissed Anna deeply and she responded pretty well to it.They made love passionately the whole night forgetting who they were and what they are up to.Anna has been materially happy with her husband but did not have a chemistry with him. But with Tom, the chemistry worked out and it was the best love she had throughout her life.The next day morning, both of them made love again and they parted ways bidding goodbyes forever promising that they won’t disturb or think about whatever happened in the last 12 hours in their lives.

Anna and her husband couldn’t get pregnant even though they were married for 15 years . But Anna got pregnant that month and bore Tom’s child. She wanted to keep this as a secret and she was speechless . She also didn’t want to disappoint Tom or her husband.She accepted the motherhood happily and delivered a baby girl.Anna wrote all this as a story to her baby girl so that one day she reads it and does not hate her for whom she was.

When Anna turned 62, her husband passed away and her daughter discovered the story what Anna had written to her. She concealed it from her mom and started searching for Tom. She really wanted to meet her blood dad though she loved her own dad more. It took almost 8 years to discover him. Fortunately, her daughter brought Tom to Anna’s death bed and told him everything. Anna was happy to find Tom beside her,kissed Tom ,closed her eyes, and bid good bye to this world.

Anna had a fulfilled life after meeting Tom again. She always loved Tom more , wanted to live with him, bear his child and die in his arms. Even though Tom had his own life and Anna had got married to someone else, without betraying her husband, she had lived her life. May be this is what is something that quite happened and God does not give us few things so that we get things we deserve later in life.


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