A bend in the road- Nicholas Sparks

There it comes, another Nicholas Sparks novel from my bookshelf. I did not want to read a Nicholas Sparks for some time to increase my eagerness. Thus read this after a year. “A bend in the road” surely gives us surprises and bend in our minds. Apart from the usual North Carolina romance, Sparks has taken this to next level by inducing the surprise.

The story begins in an NC setting where Miles Ryan, a cop lost his loving wife to an accident. He has a 6-year-old son, Jonah and raises him single. He could not find out who had killed his wife in the accident. He tries to investigate but it vain. He does not date anyone after his wife passed.He starts falling in love with Sarah, Jonah’s teacher. Sarah is a divorcee and her ex-husband leaves her because of infertility issues. She moves from Maryland to NC for a change and to forget her bad marriage.

There they meet and start falling for each other. Unfortunately, strings between them get loosened when Sarah gets to know that her brother Brian had accidentally hit Missy, Miles’ wife because there was a dog that came from nowhere when Missy was out for jogging in dark. She fell in front of his car and he hit her erroneously.

Miles thinks that, in order to soothe him, Sarah fell in love with Miles and tries to help his soon too. Later, he discovers that his verdict was wrong and Missy’s was an accident and not hit and run case so they get together.

This story has all the elements of a novel – romance, drama, tragedy, suspense, action.This is a complete read and entertaining throughout.




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