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This is an imaginary story….

Okay friends, I wanted to write something about the society but after looking at my Facebook, I got completely carried away by a Facebook post by one of my Facebook friends.This really threw some massive light on me and made me wake up from a big dream in my life.I realized what I did was wrong by living in a parallel fiction world.

When I was a teenager and after that, I grew up conservatively with absolutely zero boyfriends.I knew many boys but they were just good friends “only” with whom I used to interact and knew their families.Nothing personal and no crushes.But I had a liking for one guy whom I found very special then. I had a major crush on him, I was too afraid to strike a conversation with him and eventually started becoming Orkut and Facebook friends. We used to work on the same shift and lived almost in the same area. I was stalking on him and tried grabbing a lot of attention from him. We became friends. But not close but a kind of okay friends.

At that point of time, I noticed that one of my college friends, was close to him and I started becoming closer to her so that I can talk to him. I used to send him all the lovely forwarded SMS and my own ones too disclosing my attraction for him.I’m not sure that he understood and later got to know that he was single but was heart broken from a previous love affair.I was happy that he was single and started pursuing him very seriously. We also went for an interview together and with those butterflies in my stomach. Days passed and I slowly lost his contact. I was too focused on career and forgot his presence.

I got a new job and moved on. But I didn’t get attracted to anyone else other than him. One day, I confessed to him that I really like him in the sense , loved him and do not hesitate to get married to him.He was like “a big -no” obviously but he conveyed that in a subtle way and still stayed in touch. I got a promise from him that, he should never stop staying in touch with me on social media and always respond to me. He was like Okay and really did what I said.

I got engaged to my husband. The day before the engagement, I told my crush that I’m getting engaged and he will be invited to my wedding.He wished me luck and confessed that my friend had proposed him and he rejected her too because he was still thinking about that girl whom he loved, she moved on and got married.Years passed by, even though I seemed to move on, because of certain circumstances my spouse and I had very rough relationship. I used to literally cry every day and I started living in a fictional parallel world with my crush. That made me extremely happy and forget my rough relationship with my husband. After many days, my mom found this out, not about my parallel fiction but about this rough life, she started advising me to get on well with my husband. She started mentoring me and advised me like a friend. But I hid this dream life from her and from everyone. Because of my mom, I slowly started getting adjusted with my husband and later quit my job to move with him. Until then I was in India, happily in that fiction.Even after moving with my husband, I was still making the mistake of living in that fiction only and at times messaging my crush how much I missed him and all. He was forced into a marriage and that broke. I was happy and I thought God is going to take me there. My relationship with my husband got rougher and we literally fought. I was about to break up.

Again I sought my mom’s advice and she calmed me down. She was kind of noticing what I was up to though she was 10000 miles away.In fact, I was wrongly in love with this fictional guy without noticing that I was spoiling my life.Months passed by and I went to India to visit my mom for a brief one month. She again advised me to try adjusting with my husband. And I was like, one last chance , if nothing works, I will break up and get back to a job in India.My husband was too adding fuel to this fire by gossiping .That I’m responsible for childlessness though we both mutually were. Things started taking a turn when I noticed that my crush was married secretly.I started stalking him more to find out who that woman was. I came out of the dream almost 80% and started loving my husband. He too changed his attitude towards me and started respecting my choices and being less of a chauvinist.

Today, I found that he had got married to his first love.She divorced her husband and got married to my crush.That 80% love on my husband turned to 100%.At last, a massive light on me. I came out of the bad dream I was living in for almost 12 years since 2004. I’m wholeheartedly relieved and I started feeling very light since last 2 hours.I learned to move on. I started understanding reality.I feel that I can pursue better things in life and move forward quickly.I’m not sure how many people who know me personally are going to read this blog. Or perhaps none. None, the better.

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The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

Off late, I have been in certain situations where I do not have time to write a blog in detail as I have been travelling last 3 months and also making few hospital visits. Have missed out on reading the beautifully written blogs of my fellow bloggers too.Am trying to make time to catch up with all that and ensure that I read at least 2 books every month.My book inventory comprises of many fictional novels by Nicholas Sparks and I have been reading few of them nowadays amidst so many life’s so-called obstacles.

“The Last Song”- I had seriously misinterpreted the understanding of the title and thought that the climax would end up like “Nights in Rodanthe” where one of the partners in love dies.Yes, someone dies here too and it turns out to be the father.This book is a family drama that emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with parents and siblings no matter whether we still live with them or separately.It talks about how the father, after divorcing the mother of the kids, tries to regain the kids’ love and in the meantime dies of cancer.

With a backdrop of North Carolina, this novel artistically describes the beauty of the beaches there and makes the reader travel mentally to the state of NC.With limited characters and some young people stuff included, this book is readable for all the age groups.I had given a rating of 4/5 as this story is little different like I said and makes me think that I should settle down in a place where there are beaches.

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The Bankster – Ravi Subramanian

The Wall Street journal says ‘Meet the John Grisham of Banking’ and I say ‘Meet the Conan Dyle of India’.Like how Sherlock Holmes had created thrills and makes one get the chills down to the body, so is this book ‘The Bankster’.The unpredictable twists in the story are truly impeccable.

The story is set in the following places – Mumbai, Devikulam-Kerala,Angola and Vienna.This plot
runs around a multinational bank in Mumbai,India that is headed by a woman CEO.How a relationship manager of a bank opens a fake account claiming to be a true one and how the entire retail banking department falls as a prey into the hands of the money launderers is the story.The culprit behind this money laundering is the Head of Human Resources Department along with her spouse.There were no boring moments in this story.

This is a must read for everybody who wants to know how a bank gets involved in money laundering.The readers that want to read Indian thrillers can also opt for this.I had rated this book 5/5 for the author’s super story telling technique.

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Nights in Rodanthe -Nicholas Sparks

Ever wondered making love outside marriage? Ever tried finding someone that makes you extremely happy after the worst divorce ? Ever thought that the person whom you loved outside marriage left you? Ever knew that this person also felt the same like how you felt? Ever imagined that the person whom I have been talking about died? These questions summarize the entire story of “Nights in Rodanthe”. This story is a little longer than any short story and shorter than a mid-size novel. As usual, Sparks gets the reader to North Carolina backdrop and the breezy beaches out there. He has been very creative thereby making us fall in love with the character of the story and try fantasizing the love.
Adrienne Willis and Paul Flanner are the two people whom we all want to become when we grow older .After the worst divorce from both the ends, Adrienne and Paul fall in love with each other when she becomes a caretaker of an inn for few days. Though their love lasted for a short period it was very sincere and could be felt in the pages of the book too. This story travels back in time after Adrienne confesses this to her daughter, Amanda who had, in turn, missed her spouse after he dies. How she encourages her daughter to come out of the depression and move on is being told in the book.
I had given a rating of 4 out of 5 since it is a neat romance along with few surprising twists.

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Message in a bottle- Nicholas Sparks

Do you believe in love? Yes, I do believe in love that happens unknowingly no matter what ,where and with whom. It happens like a spark and one gets addicted to that love. It could be the first love, second one or last one. It will be always remembered and of course, might not have a happy ending. It is sad that most of them fall in love and even before things move in the right direction, it just gets cut off. By the time the man realizes , the woman would have moved on and got married to someone else and lives happily thereafter. But, it is unfortunate that, even if women move on , they never forget their love that was very true and remember the man every other day in their lives .He makes the woman get butterflies in the stomach at his thought. She always has secrets that cannot be revealed to anyone when she moves on and gets a family with a different man. True love never fades.
Message in a bottle is a wonderful love story that has a very tragic end and many of them would have remembered their lost love and lost cause. Nicholas Sparks had touched many hearts and made them melt like an ice cream. This book has a very interesting prologue that contains brief evolution about how people used messages in bottles in the wake of discoveries. Every book of Sparks, has a picturesque view of North Carolina and either or both the lead characters would be based out of that state.
Theresa Osborne is based out of Boston ,a growing journalist and a mom of a twelve-year-old that falls in love with a man that had sent a message in a bottle to his dead wife. The crux of the story is how she gets to meet him,fall for him and later breaks up. She learns that Garret Blake, her lover had passed away in a shipwreck when he was trying to send a final letter to his dead wife and wanting to get married to Theresa.
This book is a romantic material and needs some more entertaining stuff to keep it going.I had rated this book 4/5 due to my personal interest in the storyline. Overall a good read, but gets little dragged in the middle.

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Best Kept Secret- Jeffrey Archer

One must be wondering, amidst the release of the new sequel, “Cometh the Hour”, why the hell, I see a review for such an old book. Yes, I say “Old is gold.There is no ageing process for any book especially, the one that entertains a reader. Any book could be read irrespective of the age of the plot provided it is not about technology that keeps getting upgraded quite often”.

When I was reading this book, Goodreads had asked us a question to all its followers on facebook – “Describe the book that you are reading in 3 words”. My response was “Sequel, Thriller, HRH”.Of course, I was the only person happy with this response because I did not get any likes for this comment.But as far as I noticed, these 3 words meant a lot to me to having read this one.Let me explain the reason behind my response.
Sequel – This does not need any explanation. Best Kept Secret is the third book in the line of Clifton Chronicles.
Thriller- The plot of this sequel was unpredictable and I enjoyed every sentence of it till the end and almost every section had a nail- biting end.
HRH- I didn’t get this acronym first.But caught this after reading about the Princess of England visiting Argentina.Her Royal Highness.

The author also covered picturesque view of the three continents – North America, Europe and South America and makes the reader’s mind and heart travel to these continents and that too in the mid-twentieth-century backdrop.He had also provided some flashback moments to remind the reader briefly about the prequel like Barringtons’ and Clifton’s childhood, love and life.This book covers the aspects of middle-aged Barringtons and Cliftons along with the next-generation people like Sebastian Clifton and Jessica Barrington. The characters that brought in the thriller moments include the new ones such as Lady Victoria,Den Pedro Martinez,Gwyneth Hughes and the forgotten Alex Fisher character also adds some thriller shade.

No doubt, I had rated this book 5/5 as it covers all the aspects of how a fiction sequel should be in my opinion.The book is not boring, a thriller covers romance and also solves some mystery.

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The Lord of the Rings- The Ring Goes South

This would be my shortest book review since the title of the book is very well known in this planet and if aliens outside this earth read,they would be aware of this too.This is the second book in the Lord of the Ring series and covers the work put in by J.R.R Tolkien under the “The Fellowship of the Ring”.There are ten chapters in this book that starts with where Frodo wakes up in Elrond after being stabbed with the orc’s knife and ends the tenth chapter ¬†where Frodo and Sam break the fellowship and start off the journey separately with the ring.Initially when I started reading the series, I had planned not to watch the movie series unless I read all the books like what I did for Harry Potter.But,I couldn’t stop watching the movies starting from The Hobbit.

The author literally takes the reader through a virtual journey of Frodo and the other eight folks to Mordor which makes the book a definite rating of 5/5.