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R- Revolution-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

I was born and raised in an era where the World War was long gone,politics was reformed ,everything around me was digital ,robotics was a near dream, female infanticide was almost close to extinction,global warming was far away, climate change was sought to be a topic frequently discussed, revolutions such as industrial, french, etc. mentioned was just part of a history text books and of course no dinosaurs.I was told a lot of stories about how things were during the black out and how electricity was considered a luxury way back in the 1960s in India. The stories were also about the radio days and no television days.

So happily, I have been enjoying all the stories and meanwhile born in a “so-called peaceful-era”.There is a sudden turn of events at the wake of the 21st century.This century started with the Y2K problem followed by many events of terrorism, hijacks, money laundering, the concept of global village, easy crimes, a zillion gadgets, climate change- the places were it used to very hot had become colder, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other Acts of God.There is a widespread slow but gradual injection of war. Even though there has been a revolution in the healthcare industry, there have been new diseases added to the list, thus the new sickness.

I do not even have any regrets of not being a part of any kind of revolution earlier. The new revolution has already set it.Like how the earth revolves around the sun’s orbit, this earth has come back to the same position as to how it was during the earlier revolutions. We are back to the same place like how our ancestors were but with a little difference, we are technically acquainted and live in our own world as described in the movie- Matrix.

Let’s welcome this revolution together but hopefully, it turns out to be good rather than awakening an incorrect signal.

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Q-Quite happened-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

Anna is 70 years old and she is dying.

When Anna was 20, she worked in a firm that hired all the college pass- outs. As a freshman, just out of college, she started working really hard and got a good decade long career after which she had a 2-year break at work and set things up with her husband. They were literally moving apart, in order to mend things back, she quit the job and stitched her relationship back, got back to work later.Before she met her husband, Anna fell in love with Tom. Tom was an amazing guy with so much energy and he was a cricketer. Anna’s college mate Bella was pretty close to Tom and she had a crush on Tom, whereas Tom was being just friends with Bella. Anna was too afraid to ask Tom out and instead told this to Bella. Anna was unaware that Bella had a crush on Tom and she had manipulated something to Anna about Tom. Anna moved on and later discovered Bella’s story. Bella moved on and did not be with Tom either.Anna kept stalking Tom online and got to know his whereabouts. Of course, no girl forgets her first love even if it did not work out. Tom, comes in Anna’s dreams quite often and she just sets aside all these things and looks at the reality.

One day, when Anna turns 40, all the ex-colleagues met and Anna confesses her 2-decade secret love to Tom. Tom gets shocked to hear this since he also apparently liked Anna and did not confess this to her because Bella made up things and everything went untold. Tom had a wife and 2 children. Anna had a husband but no children. Tom and Anna decided to take a walk for some time leaving the other colleagues aside.Anna had this urge from her heart to kiss him but was too afraid looking at the status quo of things.But, Anna did not hesitate to ask him for a long ride just to talk for some time. They took a leave behind all the colleagues and went for a long ride switching off their mobile phones.

Anna spoke everything from her heart and told Tom about how she secretly loves him to this day and she doesn’t have any reasons to betray her husband. Tom too spoke his heart out and they spent all the evening up to late night talking in the beach. Out of blue, Tom kissed Anna deeply and she responded pretty well to it.They made love passionately the whole night forgetting who they were and what they are up to.Anna has been materially happy with her husband but did not have a chemistry with him. But with Tom, the chemistry worked out and it was the best love she had throughout her life.The next day morning, both of them made love again and they parted ways bidding goodbyes forever promising that they won’t disturb or think about whatever happened in the last 12 hours in their lives.

Anna and her husband couldn’t get pregnant even though they were married for 15 years . But Anna got pregnant that month and bore Tom’s child. She wanted to keep this as a secret and she was speechless . She also didn’t want to disappoint Tom or her husband.She accepted the motherhood happily and delivered a baby girl.Anna wrote all this as a story to her baby girl so that one day she reads it and does not hate her for whom she was.

When Anna turned 62, her husband passed away and her daughter discovered the story what Anna had written to her. She concealed it from her mom and started searching for Tom. She really wanted to meet her blood dad though she loved her own dad more. It took almost 8 years to discover him. Fortunately, her daughter brought Tom to Anna’s death bed and told him everything. Anna was happy to find Tom beside her,kissed Tom ,closed her eyes, and bid good bye to this world.

Anna had a fulfilled life after meeting Tom again. She always loved Tom more , wanted to live with him, bear his child and die in his arms. Even though Tom had his own life and Anna had got married to someone else, without betraying her husband, she had lived her life. May be this is what is something that quite happened and God does not give us few things so that we get things we deserve later in life.

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O-Other things-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

I could not visit my blog for over last 2 weeks. I was super busy running into so many new people.I’m in fact, hunting for jobs. OMG, job hunting has been too tough nowadays. I’m back in the job market after 2 years of sabbatical.

Firstly,so far, job hunting stuff has been going on and I happened to just give some low-cost freelance project management training. At least something better on my plate rather than having nothing.A paycheck after 2 years. Wow, how much ever less it might be. For the first time in my life I had to drive all alone for 50 miles every day for a period of 4 days and continuously teach the folks for about 6 hours a day, give them tests , quiz and answer all the questions they ask.

I took this as an opportunity to enhance my own skill set and understand the mindset of the West. I had a British, Latino, American, Venezuelan and Texan in my class. All or most of them were roughly 10 years older than I.The experience was exciting as well as disappointing towards the end. I had understood that in spite of me setting expectations about the class that the boot camp was restricted to teach techniques about how to pass an exam rather than teaching each and every word from the text.Two of them wanted the British way-

  • Study the text end to end.
  • Make the class sit for 9 hours.
  • Give strict instructions.
  • Hit them with a came.

Just joking. That’s what they felt and that was the feedback given by those two folks.

I did not take this feedback personally but I had to put it across to them again that, this course is for professionals and not college students. They all had roughly 20+ years work experience and wanted an old school way. And I taught them the smarter way.

Secondly,amidst the class, there was this US Presidential election fever, the election itself and the results.I really loved the whole election system in America and has been following every debate of GOP and democrat party since January 2016. I was always excited to watch the live debates no matter how long it takes and follows both liberal and fox media. In this process, I learned a lot. The ecosystem of an election, bird’s eye view of politics, federal policies, history of right and left parties, infrastructure and the procedure of the candidature selection. Apart from all these, I also started watching series like “House of Cards” to understand politics from in-house perspective and fun too.I started correlating all these to my country and other countries thereby understanding the global politics. As a child, I always wanted to get a Ph.D. degree on something after seeing my aunts and cousins. They are all PhDs from the league schools.Fortunately, I guess I had narrowed down my option to study some masters degree in political science and may be doing a Ph.D. at some point in time in life. I was like, “come on, I had been academically good throughout my college and school, but wanted to start working to support my mom.So, the goal in my life took a downturn and I guess I had narrowed down something in my life”.So before I die, I should pursue my Ph.D. in political science.

Lastly,this A to Z countdown journey had taught me how to see the entire outlook of life. and how to differentiate between good and bad, truth and fake, fun and serious.

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This is an imaginary story….

Okay friends, I wanted to write something about the society but after looking at my Facebook, I got completely carried away by a Facebook post by one of my Facebook friends.This really threw some massive light on me and made me wake up from a big dream in my life.I realized what I did was wrong by living in a parallel fiction world.

When I was a teenager and after that, I grew up conservatively with absolutely zero boyfriends.I knew many boys but they were just good friends “only” with whom I used to interact and knew their families.Nothing personal and no crushes.But I had a liking for one guy whom I found very special then. I had a major crush on him, I was too afraid to strike a conversation with him and eventually started becoming Orkut and Facebook friends. We used to work on the same shift and lived almost in the same area. I was stalking on him and tried grabbing a lot of attention from him. We became friends. But not close but a kind of okay friends.

At that point of time, I noticed that one of my college friends, was close to him and I started becoming closer to her so that I can talk to him. I used to send him all the lovely forwarded SMS and my own ones too disclosing my attraction for him.I’m not sure that he understood and later got to know that he was single but was heart broken from a previous love affair.I was happy that he was single and started pursuing him very seriously. We also went for an interview together and with those butterflies in my stomach. Days passed and I slowly lost his contact. I was too focused on career and forgot his presence.

I got a new job and moved on. But I didn’t get attracted to anyone else other than him. One day, I confessed to him that I really like him in the sense , loved him and do not hesitate to get married to him.He was like “a big -no” obviously but he conveyed that in a subtle way and still stayed in touch. I got a promise from him that, he should never stop staying in touch with me on social media and always respond to me. He was like Okay and really did what I said.

I got engaged to my husband. The day before the engagement, I told my crush that I’m getting engaged and he will be invited to my wedding.He wished me luck and confessed that my friend had proposed him and he rejected her too because he was still thinking about that girl whom he loved, she moved on and got married.Years passed by, even though I seemed to move on, because of certain circumstances my spouse and I had very rough relationship. I used to literally cry every day and I started living in a fictional parallel world with my crush. That made me extremely happy and forget my rough relationship with my husband. After many days, my mom found this out, not about my parallel fiction but about this rough life, she started advising me to get on well with my husband. She started mentoring me and advised me like a friend. But I hid this dream life from her and from everyone. Because of my mom, I slowly started getting adjusted with my husband and later quit my job to move with him. Until then I was in India, happily in that fiction.Even after moving with my husband, I was still making the mistake of living in that fiction only and at times messaging my crush how much I missed him and all. He was forced into a marriage and that broke. I was happy and I thought God is going to take me there. My relationship with my husband got rougher and we literally fought. I was about to break up.

Again I sought my mom’s advice and she calmed me down. She was kind of noticing what I was up to though she was 10000 miles away.In fact, I was wrongly in love with this fictional guy without noticing that I was spoiling my life.Months passed by and I went to India to visit my mom for a brief one month. She again advised me to try adjusting with my husband. And I was like, one last chance , if nothing works, I will break up and get back to a job in India.My husband was too adding fuel to this fire by gossiping .That I’m responsible for childlessness though we both mutually were. Things started taking a turn when I noticed that my crush was married secretly.I started stalking him more to find out who that woman was. I came out of the dream almost 80% and started loving my husband. He too changed his attitude towards me and started respecting my choices and being less of a chauvinist.

Today, I found that he had got married to his first love.She divorced her husband and got married to my crush.That 80% love on my husband turned to 100%.At last, a massive light on me. I came out of the bad dream I was living in for almost 12 years since 2004. I’m wholeheartedly relieved and I started feeling very light since last 2 hours.I learned to move on. I started understanding reality.I feel that I can pursue better things in life and move forward quickly.I’m not sure how many people who know me personally are going to read this blog. Or perhaps none. None, the better.

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At last, it was a Hawaiian dream come true.Never thought in my life that, I would visit the Aloha State .Hawaii had been the dream destination for ages, until one fine day, my husband said, “Ok, I do have flight miles accumulated and it would elapse soon.Let us book a trip to Honolulu for the  American Independence Day long weekend “.Yahoo, to my astonishment, he even had hotel credits accumulated and that sufficed for the entire trip.We had to shell out bucks for food, rental car or local transport and tickets for sightseeing. I was super excited, checked the weather and packed the clothes.The entire trip lasted from July 2nd, 2016 to July 8th, 2016.

Day 1 : Travel-Air-Air(July 2nd 2016)

We booked a Uber service to the airport. As usual, the driver took a hell lot of time searching for the apartment and he made us walk with the bags in the hot summer sun for about 1/2 a mile. “All-dressed -up” turned into “All-Sweat”.We thought that we would run out of time and miss the flight because of cab delay.Fortunately, the incoming aircraft got delayed, hence our boarding was delayed for more than 45 minutes.We did not miss the flight.I was excited to travel United as it was my first time in that airline. This aircraft had copious leg space for an economy class seat and enjoyed the travel. I was reading “The Last Song – By Nicholas Sparks”. A good read for the flight journey. We had to take a connection at the SFO airport.First time in my life, I had an experienced the beautiful runway at the SFO airport.I had a feeling that the aircraft was landing in that deep blue Pacific Ocean. So close it was.Of course, landed safely. After that, we had to  board the next plane to Honolulu. The boarding had already started and we had to run.This aircraft was a 3 -seater, unlike the  previous one that was an Embraer  2-seater plane. This journey was not so comfortable, with an emergency medical issue for an elderly person. The captain couldn’t land the plane anywhere so she had to cut short the journey to 4 hours 45 minutes rather than the usual 5 hours 30-minute flight. After getting down, we had to wait for a friend of ours to pick up from the airport so there was a further delay of another hour to hit the bed. My first impression was ” Definitely, people are more friendly than the mainland. Everybody smiles at the fellow strangers and offers help. It was more like a Buddhist nation, more of a Filipino land rather than America.Devoid of Racism.” Our friend picked us up from the airport and dropped us at the hotel, Courtyard Waikiki Beach. The clock struck exactly 12 am when we reached the hotel.We stayed in a room that had a balcony and to my amazement, people were roaming the streets with full energy and even public transport was available at that time.Honolulu ocean breeze was amazing and I loved the place. We quickly gave a call to our parents that we reached this place and hit the sack.I couldn’t sleep but fell in love with Honolulu. I was imagining a situation where I moved to Honolulu permanently with a carefree Filipino life out there and dozed off unknowingly.

Day 2 : Disappointing Diamond Head and The Responding Beaches(July 3rd 2016)

After having breakfast at Kimobean Coffee. we headed towards Diamond Head.We were supposed to go hiking on a volcano that was dead 2 million years ago. After finding a parking space with a lot of struggle and buying the tickets , I was so excited to go hiking.My husband disappointed me after some time that he would not go for hiking with me since his shoes are not comfortable. To my dismay, I was disappointed and we had a little fight over it. I was like “Why couldn’t you pack a pair of shoes for hiking, blah, blah?”.So I didn’t go for hiking. After an hour, we made it to the beach. I hail from a place where there are beaches. Waikiki beach is a wonderful sight. That day, the weather being pleasant, we spent almost 6 hours at Ala Moana and Waikiki beaches. All drenched and happy. Every time, the waves hit me, I felt that nature was answering all my questions of life. Yes, I realized that nature answered and I started being stronger and clearer about certain decisions in my life.Later in the evening, after having late lunch, we went to Hanauma Bay just 2 hours before its closure for the day. That was the best heaven made by nature ever witnessed. We were back at the hotel around 8 pm. I went out for a stroll in and around the hotel area for some time before hitting the sack.

Day 3 : Pearl Harbour, Foster Botanical Garden and Independence Day Fireworks (July 4th 2016)

The American Independence Day- We visited the Pearl harbor. Went for USS Bowfin tour.As a memoir, we brought home few pearl harbor key chains. After the tour, we had a sumptuous meal in a restaurant called Bombay Palace somewhere close to Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu. The second half of the day, we visited the Foster Botanical Garden. To be very frank, I had visited better botanical gardens elsewhere. This place was not as expected other than the breeze. So we relaxed there for some time and had early dinner. All geared up to watch the fire works in Honolulu. Yay, my second fireworks in my life. Amazing. We walked for more than 10 miles from the hotel just to witness it.Unlike the mainland, everybody else walked and biked to watch the fireworks. OMG , happy for what we saw.

Day 4 : Tour on foot, Honolulu Zoo, city tours(July 5th 2016)

On the day 4, we gave up the car ride and ventured out on foot. That is my favorite thing , walking. We went to the Honolulu Zoo and took a stroll through the city. This zoo had several species from Asia and Africa ranging from birds, the naughty monkey species to the wilder beasts. We also visited the shopping malls, local convenience, and grocery stores.I’m not too sure as to why most of the stores were called as “ABC Stores”. We cooked dinner at the hotel that night.

Day 5 : Lyon Arboretum, Manoa Falls, Kailua beach(July 6th 2016)

On the day 5, we had visited Kailua beach in the morning. The beach was certainly dirty and little creepy too. We didn’t find people around. So we just took pictures and left the place soon. This place would be amazing had we gone with a gang of friends. The journey from Honolulu to Kailua made us understand that there are many places in the United States with less development and no water facilities.We packed lunch boxes and had it in the car.Post lunch, we visited the Lyon Arboretum that was managed by the University of Hawaii. I felt as if I was somewhere in the middle of watching a horror movie. No people around and the path was very narrow to walk. There was a sign board “Jessica Parker would have liked to sit here “. I called out her name aloud and we ran down like crazy kids. Later that evening, we did some trekking and visited the Manoa Falls. This place was a million times better than the Turner Falls in Oklahoma.The pathway was very slippery and marshy. As we approached the falls, the weather got little colder and we had to drench in the rain while getting down.This was the most adventurous day in Hawaii.

Day 6 : Kuhio Beach Park, Hawaii Shopping, Return flight(July 7th 2016 & July 8th 2016)

On the last day of Hawaii vacation, we visited Kuhio beach park that was pretty close to the hotel.We did a quick shopping and brought home the fertility God of Hawaii, the Hawaiian tribe Polynesian art mask, Aloha shirt and few shell made necklaces.This was the saddest day. I didn’t want to return from Hawaii.We had to catch the American airline flight that evening, As usual, the flight was delayed and we were given an alternative flight via LAX.

In my opinion, the trip was overall nice.Though we stayed for so many days, we made relaxing visits to all the places and did not go out of Oahu. Travel by foot is the best way to enjoy and cherish the Oahu island. This is the best place to live on earth but with the super inflated cost of living.As a memory of this trip,  the cover page of this blog is a photograph of Kailua Beach of Hawaii clicked on my phone. This picture is not the greatest click, but surely represents something that is made by me.








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F-Friends in THIS f***** life – A to Z countdown

People talk about the afterlife, rebirth, reincarnation and other things like friends,soul mates, etc from the previous birth. I’m not sure whether all this is fact or fiction.And I’m a no qualified person to criticize or comment. However, I can talk about friends and other relationships in this birth that am very much present and living into. Last week, after a long weekend and few traumatic shocks from the present life family, I wanted to write about friends and what are the different roles they have played or are playing or would play in my life. Thanks to them for making me come back and blog.Had they not rejuvenated me, I would have been one of the saddest soul of the week.

Playmates as friends:

'My imaginary playmate can whip your imaginary playmate!'

When I was a kid, my playmates usually the neighbor kids used to be my friends.We used to break every possible thing kept in the common area of the apartment, pour water everywhere and play with the sand.The worst thing what we used to do was, play Cricket in the terrace and some Tom’s, Dick’s or Harry’s head used to get hurt if they were passing near our apartment.Childhood was all the fun when we didn’t know what was good or bad and what should be done or not.We used to bully the younger kids and make them do all the work such getting sand for us down the corner of the street or fetching water in a bottle.

School mates as friends:



The next comes the school kids. A school is a place where a person’s most of the childhood is spent.I studied in a school where they had classes from the Kindergarten  up to Class -12.So, I had spent 14 years of my life with the same kids .We all grew up together and known each other’s families such that we used to have holidays and nights spent at the friend’s place.We used to take bikes to school and while getting back home, ride very slowly on the road and stop at every possible place just to gossip and have a get together after the school hours. People at home used to think I was lost or somebody kidnapped me on the way since I never used to go home on time.Who can forget those golden days of life?

College mates as friends:


Not everyone gets to attend the same college from school. Each one of us had different interests and ended up majoring in different subjects not correlated to each other.College was a different environment  where we had different friends and all of us crossed “sweet -`16” . Definitely, we all had crushes and those days were like dressing up just for our crushes and all the makeup on.We did not have dress code unlike school and all the fun plays. Though I had crushes, I remained single and was a type of nerd.

Colleagues as friends:


Here came the next stage of life when few of my colleagues in the team became friends. We used to discuss job opportunities outside, getting out for friendly lunches, discussing investments and what are the expectations of a partner in personal life. Of course, we don’t talk much about personal life, since few of them closer as friends we used to take or give advice’s to each other, visit their family and invite home for a get-together. I had another circle of female colleagues with whom I used to talk about my crushes.Unfortunately, my crushes were beyond all these circles and I did not befriend my crushes for the basic fact that the purpose of having crushes will fade away. I regret all that, had I befriended one of my crushes, I might have had chances to end of with him tying a knot. Okay, no regrets, I’m going with the flow now.

Friends from acquaintances, clubs and common classes:

'Hey! I don't know you do I? I never met you before!'

I made friends through acquaintances, health clubs and other places where I visited my music classes, etc.Some of them have gotten close and still we manage to stay in touch over the phone or facebook.

Now, I’m going to write about what role my friends played.

Friends as sisters:


Mostly the girlfriends played a role of sisters.They give advice about fashion, guys, family, relationships and every advice under the sun. Whether I listen to them or not is another question altogether.

Friend as a healer:


Whenever there is a family situation or when I get f **** up into something unusual, I run into one friend of mine who is ready to advise even at 2 am. Because of time zone difference, I don’t run into her often.She being 10000 miles away, I give her a call and she advises me. Thanks to her, she made me get back to the flow this week..

Friend as a chef:


There is a friend of mine, who advises me on the recipes and gets me try .I try and send a picture on WhatsApp , providing my reviews.

Virtual friends:


All my real friends have become virtual and telephony friends. Changes in the relationship statuses and jobs have made everyone move away from each other and thanks to the technology at least we get to stay in touch with friends and family.

Here ends my small post.



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E-Europe Trip 2012- A to Z Countdown

This is my E-week. I wanted to write about Europe holiday. I actually happened to visit Europe on a tourist visa way back in 2012. How did I get reminded of this suddenly?When Facebook showed memories 4 years ago that was the time I got reminded of everything under about Europe.Let me tell you my Europe experience and how did I feel about this continent.

Way back in 2012, I wasn’t sitting so idle like how I’m now. I was assigned to one of the most revenue generating projects of my firm and I had given a commitment to not taking any long leaves for the period of 1 year from the date of joining that project.Apparently,I had to visit Switzerland because my husband was assigned temporarily there.Since the nature of assignment was temporary, I could neither resign my job nor I could afford to go on long leave. I wanted to apply for a 20-30 day vacation leave. I received a response of a big “NO” from my company for the obvious reasons mentioned above.My manager asked me to get my client’s permission if she was OK to let me go.She did not approve of leave longer than 10 days. 10 days is very short considering my husband was living there for 6 months and no one would want to miss a lifetime opportunity of visiting Europe. I had a mortgage so I couldn’t afford to resign my job as well. So there it went, I applied for a leave of 10 working days.I was sad for the duration and happy because it is Europe and Switzerland in particular. Those damn tourist agency gave me visa just for 11 days including the day of travel. Poof, I was vexed enough.Excited about the trip I had planned the itinerary for next 10 days in the European heaven.

My husband booked an Emirates flight from me right from India to Geneva via Dubai.There was only one ticket available and unfortunately ,there was a layover of 10 hours in Dubai. That was my first international trip alone and I was little scared in Dubai airport.Emirates was kind enough to provide a food coupon for the layover but who feels like eating when you are scared and with so much of lay over you do lose the appetite.I was little skeptical to talk to anyone in the airport or even smile at people. I was only afraid of anybody or everybody.Silently I prayed for the time to pass quickly.Meanwhile grabbed the 50 shades of Gray book and was lost in thoughts with Mr. Christian Gray at least for 7 hours at a stretch almost completing the entire book.I didn’t know that the airport gate changes so often and considering the size of Dubai airport I had to walk all the way looking like a lost kid and searching for the new gate.Alas, I found a barista called Costa Coffee and even to this date whenever I fly via Dubai, I make an attempt to have a cappuccino at the Costa Coffee that really tastes yum and have not tasted such a thing elsewhere.After grabbing few copies of the daily newspaper, I rushed in to board the plane and my zone was last to board .Luckily, there was no one seated next to me in the economy class and I could stretch my legs and sleep.

Day 1 :Short promenade in Geneva


When I landed in Geneva, I was so happy to talk in French as I could strike some basic French conversation.Finally, this language was put to use. Once, the immigration check got over, I had to collect the luggage and wait for my husband to pick me up. He was like, Geneva is a very small city and could walk and go to the apartment where he lived.Since I took a huge bag, we boarded bus no. 10 in Geneva from the airport and got down in next 2 stops.I couldn’t forget how beautiful the city looked and the apartment being pretty old, I had a vintage feeling. My husband had cooked lunch and after resting for few hours, we went out for a walk.We couldn’t find a single soul outside. We stopped by a cafe for swiss chocolate and he took me to visit CERN. Hurray, I was excited. I remember reading about CERN in the book “Angels and Demons” and there it was.

Day 2 :Italy – Rome


rome-streets-wallpaper-1Villa Borghese: Giardno del lagojdombs-travels-rome-2

I hardly could sleep for few hours and had to get ready and scoot off to the airport.We were off to Rome. OMG!! Another scenic beauty from Angels and Demons. We boarded an Easy Jet flight.I really couldn’t imagine how less expensive the flight tickets were flying from one country to another in Europe. We got down at the Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport .Another amazing name that swept my feet.We had the best croissant and coffee at the airport terminal for just 4 euros for both of us. Another surprise with the price. We took a direct bus to the Rome City Centre and got down at Piazza dei Cinquecento.With my average French ,made up Italian with a cocktail of English, we managed to buy the daily pass for 2 days of stay there from a kiosk .We checked in to Hotel Augustea at Via Nazionale and started roaming the streets. It was a pretty humid day and my husband started getting hunger cramps. He was desperate to find an Indian restaurant and we visited Maharajah restaurant at Via dei Serpenti and had a sumptuous meal.We went back to the hotel, took rest for 2 hours.Later that evening, we visited Villa Borghese gardens and The Trevi fountain.We didn’t have time to visit Piazza del Popolo that was part of my original itinerary.It was already late and we grabbed chips, sprite, few cookies and went back to the hotel.The room seemed to be little creepy with very old furniture and broken walls.

Day 3 :Italy – Rome & Vatican City




Followed by an excellent European breakfast ,we set out our tour to Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, visited St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel in the Vatican city.What a wonderful experience, I felt I was actually in the heaven and didn’t feel like going back to work amidst the humidity.The architecture of the building made us forget this world.Indeed, Rome is a city of love was very well proved.We had an adventurous trip to and from Vatican. A cop caught us when we sneaked into the bus without swiping the metro card and while returning I dropped my goggles when my hubby picked it up from the road , the bus driver stopped from him getting hit on the wheel.Oh my gosh, it was a horrifying experience right outside that tunnel road(picture displayed above).We finally took a bus and had lunch in another Indian restaurant called Sitar ristorante at Via Cavour.What did we miss? Yes, the Colosseum. We finally went there around 3 PM .To our amazement, there were so many tourists lined up.We tried waiting in the queue but in vain. So took a picture outside and left to the hotel.We took few hours of rest and then started venturing out in and around Rome Centre Termini.The next day, we had to board the flight back to Geneva. I had wonderful gelatin on the streets.We took a lot of pictures and captured every damn thing.That night we went shopping on the streets of Rome.I got few glass accessories to wear and my husband got very beautiful Italian ties for just 2 euros each.We didn’t stay there for a long time on the streets because the hawkers were drunk and they started abusing each other.We felt it wasn’t safe anymore that night on the streets and back to the hotel.

Day 4:Italy – Rome & Back to Geneva

This morning we flew back to Geneva and stayed home. Watched a movie online, cooked lunch and packed the bags for the Swiss tour.We went for a walk, had a lot of chocolates and it was a fun day.How I wished, we could go back in time and made our life better.

Day 5: Train trip in and around Swiss – Geneva to Engelberg  to Mt.Titlis





That morning, we boarded a tram outside the apartment complex and got down at Cornavin station.We had to interchange several trains – Cornavin – Lausanne-Bern-Lucerne-Engelberg. Engelberg reminded of the Bollywood movie DDLJ. What a sight it was.Every moment is registered so well in my brain.I want to jot down before the memories fade away.If we had to go on top of Mt.Titlis, Engelberg was the stop.First time in my life, took a cable car and went on top of Mt.Titlis.That elevation experience increased the pulse rate.First time in my life, I touched the real snow and found cut outs of Shahrukh Khan and Kajal on the Titlis. The round trip back to the bottom of the mountain took us roughly 4 hours.We grabbed some Indian snack for lunch.After taking rest for about 30 mins, we started our trip towards Interlaken. That was our next stop. I saw a guy wearing a green stone nose stud for the first time. He showed us the way to the hotel – Harder Minerva.That night we had a tub full of ice cream for dinner.

Day 6: Interlaken to Zermatt

After having breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we went for site seeing in and around Interlaken. Interlaken has mixed weather having situated between the mountain Bernese Oberland and surrounded by  Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. We took a pretty long stroll and had lunch at India Village ,Brienzstrasse, Interlaken. The travel bag broke, so after our lunch, we boarded a bus, left the luggage in the safety locker and set our journey in the Lake Brienz on a steamer for more than 2 hours. The water ride was peaceful and made the soul forget this earth.That evening, we had some beverages and alighted a train to Zermatt. Zermatt is a mountain resort and known for the Glacier express rides.We stayed in the annex building of the Hotel Antica(The small building in the last picture). We went for a walk in the evening to take plenty of pictures and have some dinner. As usual, I had a very big chocolate ice cream that was 4 euros .We also found a burial ground that was meant for people that fell off from the cliffs and they were resting in peace there.Zermatt also had beautiful freshwater lake that was created by melting snow mountain Matterhorn. My husband did some shopping while I watched the beautiful place in this earth.That was the first time I watched Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie and that too in French.

Day 7: Zermatt – Chur-Davis- St.Moritz


The authentic french breakfast with a french coffee and welcoming staff.The entire place wooed us to the core.We had to rush to get into the long ride of glacier express.Glacier express took us across the Swiss Alps.The slow train and the scenic beauty of the alps made us forget time and we literally fell asleep.Not because we were bored, but the train was super slow that was like a lullaby and freaking tired .We were literally starving since no food was served on the train and we had to wait for St.Moritz to arrive.Time tested our patience. Alas, got down.We stayed at Hotel Stille in St.Moritz where we could find any other customer staying there. It was like only both of us in the entire hotel with no lights.That receptionist fixed a bulb after requesting many times. I wanted to go for a walk for sightseeing and grab something to eat. We had some coffee and found that there were many cars than the souls that lived. The houses around the hotel looked empty. Did we just wake up after watching a horror movie?I’m not too sure whether we were at the wrong time there.Thankfully we found few guys cycling on the road. There was not much sight seeing since all the places looked almost similar in Swiss.

Day 7:  St.Moritz-Chur- Zurich-Geneva


Followed by German breakfast,St.Moritz was more German than French.We took a train from there and reached Zurich around afternoon via Chur. This train ride lasted roughly for about 3 hrs 35 mins.This train ride changed certain my perspectives towards certain things.Knitting is not for losers, anybody can knit.Did I get interested in knitting?From the corner of my eye, I found a tourist reading the book-Eat, pray and love by Elizabeth Gilbert. As soon as I reached India, I placed an order for this book.We landed in Zurich and had 2 hours to catch the next direct train to Geneva airport..So, my idea was let’s roam in and around the train station so that we don’t miss the train as well as get to spend time in Zurich.I visited this art gallery “Starkart Gallery best place for Urban Art Exhibitions in Zürich” , grabbed some coffee and went back to the station.Meanwhile clicked many Zurich pictures.The city was crowded with traffic.We finally got the Geneva train.That was the first time I saw a double decker train and we got into the upper deck.Got back home finally after 4 hours and shopping few groceries.We just had some time in hand after getting back, so we went for another stroll in the park.

Day 8:  Geneva shopping


We visited the shopping mall – Balexert and as usual, I grabbed few dark chocolates.Did some window shopping. Took a tram and went to the last stop. We got back home after it started drizzling.

Day 9-10: Geneva -Dubai-Hyderabad

I cooked mixed veg.curry for rice.Finally had to leave Europe.The time came for goodbyes and tears.Got back to Hyderabad, India and started the routine(work).


Overall had a wonderful experience.Thanks to this A to Z countdown blog that made me remember everything.