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I have been out for a longtime , did not visit the blog in the last six months and here I’m with the next blog post in the A-Z count down. For a change, rather than following the sequence of alphabets, I’m going to jump onto “T” rather than “S”. I will go for “S” a little later.

Tattoos, body art,piercing-┬ápeople who love these have been considered a wrong person in a group. I’m a tattoo and piercing lover. For various reasons, among few relatives , friends, class mates, I was considered to be abnormal. They say people with tattoos are bad people because they drink heavily and perform activities that is considered against the culture. People that have tattoos are not trustworthy or loyal or not monogamous. People that have tattoos are not good at work and all the more a big disgrace.

I always loved getting tattooed for almost a decade but was afraid of the pain- both physical and mental pain as mentioned above. I always felt tattoos are more than cool. They are expressive and every time people stop by just to understand the meaning of my tattoos , I feel like a piece of art.

I do not have many tattoos but just 2 visible ones, one on each arm. Here is the snapshot


The one on the left is the music symbol . Music is universal and it does not speak any language. I’m no musician but love music. Who doesn’t love it ?

The one on the right is called “Karma “.The word Karma in Sanskrit language means “What goes around, comes around” and I’m a true believer of Karma.

My tattoos look simple but it has got some meaning and the way I depict my life. That is why I feel tattoos are art. In a nutshell, I’m neither a “bad person” according to them nor someone that does not want in belong to the group. Like how people choose to wear clothes, shoes, cosmetics,jewelry, etc, I love to have the art in the body and also love to have more of them.