What is knowledge? A knowledge is a reservoir of all the great ideas and innovation done by everyone other than you. The society calls a person as knowledgeable when he showcases what he is aware but done by others whether it is good or bad. That is why as a kid, even I had a […]

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

When 50 shades of Grey was published, along with me there were millions that went crazy. It was that time when amazon showed me Jane Eyre in the recommendation column when I placed an order of 50 shades of Grey . After going through the synopsis, I liked the idea that the novel, Jane Eyre […]


It is almost 12 am here and I’m too sure what to write after a super cool hangover.Yes, it is Saturday night and I have a personal goal of finishing this A to Z countdown blog for the letter J.What else could I think of the letter J other than the word “Jealousy” at this […]


Hello, my friends. After 2 weeks of taking a blog break, I’m back fresh and the aftermath of an exam that I had to take. Hoping to restart my reading goals and every week blog from this week onward. For the letter “I” , I’m going to write about ice cream and the different types […]

G- Greetings -A TO Z COUNTDOWN

  Every time when people ask “Hey, how are you“? or “How is life?” or “How is everything?”,I give an answer stating that “I’m doing great and awesome.”.I personally think that telling others exactly how we feel at that moment is not a right thing.We might not be doing great, but actually frustrated and feel like […]

F-Friends in THIS f***** life – A to Z countdown

People talk about the afterlife, rebirth, reincarnation and other things like friends,soul mates, etc from the previous birth. I’m not sure whether all this is fact or fiction.And I’m a no qualified person to criticize or comment. However, I can talk about friends and other relationships in this birth that am very much present and […]