E-Europe Trip 2012- A to Z Countdown

This is my E-week. I wanted to write about Europe holiday. I actually happened to visit Europe on a tourist visa way back in 2012. How did I get reminded of this suddenly?When Facebook showed memories 4 years ago that was the time I got reminded of everything under about Europe.Let me tell you my […]

D -Day – Madras Day – A to Z Countdown

Since last week, I have been wondering what I should write about the letter D as part of my A to Z countdown project. I came up with several options like “Daring or not ?”, “Dear Daughter & Daughter-in-law”,”Dollhouse”,”Dance styles of India” and few more. But when I started writing, automatically the words changed and […]

C- Chocolate – A to Z Countdown

Everybody under the sun and of course nothing goes without having exceptions do love the pulp of Theobroma cacao seeds in different forms,shapes and colors. Wondering what? This is the taxonomic classification of the cocoa tree and none other than chocolate.As part of this weeks C Countdown, I have chosen this topic – Chocolate. These are the […]

Many Lives, Many Masters -Brian L.Weiss

Many Lives Many Masters had reignited my longtime passive philosophical side.During my childhood days, I was taught so much about karma, reincarnation and the presence of a Supreme Soul.My cousins and I were made to practice all these customs and our uncle used to literally yell at us if we did not abide by these. […]

B-Believe in yourself – A to Z countdown

  What should I believe ? Whom should I believe in? Where should my belief be bestowed in? Why should I believe? Which is the best belief? How should I believe ?These are the few questions that have been pondering in my mind for some time since morning.I got the answer for these questions after […]