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I have been out for a longtime , did not visit the blog in the last six months and here I’m with the next blog post in the A-Z count down. For a change, rather than following the sequence of alphabets, I’m going to jump onto “T” rather than “S”. I will go for “S” a little later.

Tattoos, body art,piercing-┬ápeople who love these have been considered a wrong person in a group. I’m a tattoo and piercing lover. For various reasons, among few relatives , friends, class mates, I was considered to be abnormal. They say people with tattoos are bad people because they drink heavily and perform activities that is considered against the culture. People that have tattoos are not trustworthy or loyal or not monogamous. People that have tattoos are not good at work and all the more a big disgrace.

I always loved getting tattooed for almost a decade but was afraid of the pain- both physical and mental pain as mentioned above. I always felt tattoos are more than cool. They are expressive and every time people stop by just to understand the meaning of my tattoos , I feel like a piece of art.

I do not have many tattoos but just 2 visible ones, one on each arm. Here is the snapshot


The one on the left is the music symbol . Music is universal and it does not speak any language. I’m no musician but love music. Who doesn’t love it ?

The one on the right is called “Karma “.The word Karma in Sanskrit language means “What goes around, comes around” and I’m a true believer of Karma.

My tattoos look simple but it has got some meaning and the way I depict my life. That is why I feel tattoos are art. In a nutshell, I’m neither a “bad person” according to them nor someone that does not want in belong to the group. Like how people choose to wear clothes, shoes, cosmetics,jewelry, etc, I love to have the art in the body and also love to have more of them.


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R- Revolution-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

I was born and raised in an era where the World War was long gone,politics was reformed ,everything around me was digital ,robotics was a near dream, female infanticide was almost close to extinction,global warming was far away, climate change was sought to be a topic frequently discussed, revolutions such as industrial, french, etc. mentioned was just part of a history text books and of course no dinosaurs.I was told a lot of stories about how things were during the black out and how electricity was considered a luxury way back in the 1960s in India. The stories were also about the radio days and no television days.

So happily, I have been enjoying all the stories and meanwhile born in a “so-called peaceful-era”.There is a sudden turn of events at the wake of the 21st century.This century started with the Y2K problem followed by many events of terrorism, hijacks, money laundering, the concept of global village, easy crimes, a zillion gadgets, climate change- the places were it used to very hot had become colder, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other Acts of God.There is a widespread slow but gradual injection of war. Even though there has been a revolution in the healthcare industry, there have been new diseases added to the list, thus the new sickness.

I do not even have any regrets of not being a part of any kind of revolution earlier. The new revolution has already set it.Like how the earth revolves around the sun’s orbit, this earth has come back to the same position as to how it was during the earlier revolutions. We are back to the same place like how our ancestors were but with a little difference, we are technically acquainted and live in our own world as described in the movie- Matrix.

Let’s welcome this revolution together but hopefully, it turns out to be good rather than awakening an incorrect signal.

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O-Other things-A TO Z COUNTDOWN

I could not visit my blog for over last 2 weeks. I was super busy running into so many new people.I’m in fact, hunting for jobs. OMG, job hunting has been too tough nowadays. I’m back in the job market after 2 years of sabbatical.

Firstly,so far, job hunting stuff has been going on and I happened to just give some low-cost freelance project management training. At least something better on my plate rather than having nothing.A paycheck after 2 years. Wow, how much ever less it might be. For the first time in my life I had to drive all alone for 50 miles every day for a period of 4 days and continuously teach the folks for about 6 hours a day, give them tests , quiz and answer all the questions they ask.

I took this as an opportunity to enhance my own skill set and understand the mindset of the West. I had a British, Latino, American, Venezuelan and Texan in my class. All or most of them were roughly 10 years older than I.The experience was exciting as well as disappointing towards the end. I had understood that in spite of me setting expectations about the class that the boot camp was restricted to teach techniques about how to pass an exam rather than teaching each and every word from the text.Two of them wanted the British way-

  • Study the text end to end.
  • Make the class sit for 9 hours.
  • Give strict instructions.
  • Hit them with a came.

Just joking. That’s what they felt and that was the feedback given by those two folks.

I did not take this feedback personally but I had to put it across to them again that, this course is for professionals and not college students. They all had roughly 20+ years work experience and wanted an old school way. And I taught them the smarter way.

Secondly,amidst the class, there was this US Presidential election fever, the election itself and the results.I really loved the whole election system in America and has been following every debate of GOP and democrat party since January 2016. I was always excited to watch the live debates no matter how long it takes and follows both liberal and fox media. In this process, I learned a lot. The ecosystem of an election, bird’s eye view of politics, federal policies, history of right and left parties, infrastructure and the procedure of the candidature selection. Apart from all these, I also started watching series like “House of Cards” to understand politics from in-house perspective and fun too.I started correlating all these to my country and other countries thereby understanding the global politics. As a child, I always wanted to get a Ph.D. degree on something after seeing my aunts and cousins. They are all PhDs from the league schools.Fortunately, I guess I had narrowed down my option to study some masters degree in political science and may be doing a Ph.D. at some point in time in life. I was like, “come on, I had been academically good throughout my college and school, but wanted to start working to support my mom.So, the goal in my life took a downturn and I guess I had narrowed down something in my life”.So before I die, I should pursue my Ph.D. in political science.

Lastly,this A to Z countdown journey had taught me how to see the entire outlook of life. and how to differentiate between good and bad, truth and fake, fun and serious.

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During the progress of countdown, I discovered many things about me and people around me. All good and bad things are getting under this countdown umbrella.In short, “I’m getting enlightened”.

When I was in school, I was one of the class toppers in academics.There was a healthy competition between four of our classmates and that included me.Even the teachers used to motivate all 4 of us for the school topper rank. But the catch is, the other three guys had pretty well-settled parents. Their parents had excellent jobs or businesses and those guys used to have expensive cars and bikes. They also used to wear expensive clothes whenever we have a get-together .My mom was a school teacher with a very less pay and a single parent. We used to live in my grand mother’s house and there was a lot of bullying from my cousins and neighbors. Because I used to wear old clothes and always with a book in hand. My mom could not pay my school fees, but I got few scholarships and financial assistance from one of my uncles. This financial assistance was given to me provided I get one of the top ranks else that would be shelved off. I was too scared of not getting educated, so I used to study and ensure that I get one of the top ranks.

I had a gang of friends who used to visit home or make me visit their houses so that I can teach or mentor them before the exams. They were like really they needed help because they couldn’t follow the subject. So almost every day I used to spend 4 hours after school teaching them.This went on and on . One fine day, after my school results came out, to my dismay, one girl from that gang scored more than me and I was not part of the topper list. I was disappointed because I was not one of the topper and happy also for my friend. I was like, I mentored her and she picked up stuff better and excelled. She cut me off stating that I was jealous of her and she got into her own gang.

Later, we happened to join the same college , she got admission quicker than me and did not talk to me. She used to ignore me and had her own gang of friends and later time passed by. We moved out of college and got into different workplaces.We barely had contact with each other. After many years of wisdom, we got to catch up and she is a mother of two boys. All those school girls whom I used to mentor formed a WhatsApp group and everyone is married and leading their own life. We have been chatting for almost 3 years and stayed in touch. I felt , “WOW, WISDOM”.

Things took a twist today when I discovered something fishy in the whole thing.She confessed this like a joke of the century and I’m totally in shock. I discussed this with my mom and she was like “I already told you that they have been bitching you and you never listened to me.Your adolescence made you adamant and now you think everyone has become matured.But no one has changed”.The girl who scored more than me had got jealous of me during my school days. She had plotted this with her gang and ensured that I get disturbed every day so that I don’t have time to study. They used to pretend that they don’t understand and wasted 4 hours every day. They had contacts with the person setting up the exam, paid him, chased the question paper and got all the questions before the exam.They had shared this with the entire class and ensured that I did not know this.They made use of my weakness and bad logistics at home. I didn’t have a phone so no contact and I used to get carried away very easily and believe that everyone is a friend to me.The whole thing jolted me inside out. So many years of friendship that’s what I thought, deceived me. Even though all this did not impact anything in my life later, but I feel that I have been misled by the wrong group of people around me. They had rigged, cheated and I lost trust in all of them.

I had arguments with my mom several times in my life for these set of “so-called” friends. I used to shout at her and support them whatever that came by. I realize now that my mom was right and I lost it to her. This countdown process of 26 weeks has awakened me to many things. Let’s see what all I get to know by the end of Z week.

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This is an imaginary story….

Okay friends, I wanted to write something about the society but after looking at my Facebook, I got completely carried away by a Facebook post by one of my Facebook friends.This really threw some massive light on me and made me wake up from a big dream in my life.I realized what I did was wrong by living in a parallel fiction world.

When I was a teenager and after that, I grew up conservatively with absolutely zero boyfriends.I knew many boys but they were just good friends “only” with whom I used to interact and knew their families.Nothing personal and no crushes.But I had a liking for one guy whom I found very special then. I had a major crush on him, I was too afraid to strike a conversation with him and eventually started becoming Orkut and Facebook friends. We used to work on the same shift and lived almost in the same area. I was stalking on him and tried grabbing a lot of attention from him. We became friends. But not close but a kind of okay friends.

At that point of time, I noticed that one of my college friends, was close to him and I started becoming closer to her so that I can talk to him. I used to send him all the lovely forwarded SMS and my own ones too disclosing my attraction for him.I’m not sure that he understood and later got to know that he was single but was heart broken from a previous love affair.I was happy that he was single and started pursuing him very seriously. We also went for an interview together and with those butterflies in my stomach. Days passed and I slowly lost his contact. I was too focused on career and forgot his presence.

I got a new job and moved on. But I didn’t get attracted to anyone else other than him. One day, I confessed to him that I really like him in the sense , loved him and do not hesitate to get married to him.He was like “a big -no” obviously but he conveyed that in a subtle way and still stayed in touch. I got a promise from him that, he should never stop staying in touch with me on social media and always respond to me. He was like Okay and really did what I said.

I got engaged to my husband. The day before the engagement, I told my crush that I’m getting engaged and he will be invited to my wedding.He wished me luck and confessed that my friend had proposed him and he rejected her too because he was still thinking about that girl whom he loved, she moved on and got married.Years passed by, even though I seemed to move on, because of certain circumstances my spouse and I had very rough relationship. I used to literally cry every day and I started living in a fictional parallel world with my crush. That made me extremely happy and forget my rough relationship with my husband. After many days, my mom found this out, not about my parallel fiction but about this rough life, she started advising me to get on well with my husband. She started mentoring me and advised me like a friend. But I hid this dream life from her and from everyone. Because of my mom, I slowly started getting adjusted with my husband and later quit my job to move with him. Until then I was in India, happily in that fiction.Even after moving with my husband, I was still making the mistake of living in that fiction only and at times messaging my crush how much I missed him and all. He was forced into a marriage and that broke. I was happy and I thought God is going to take me there. My relationship with my husband got rougher and we literally fought. I was about to break up.

Again I sought my mom’s advice and she calmed me down. She was kind of noticing what I was up to though she was 10000 miles away.In fact, I was wrongly in love with this fictional guy without noticing that I was spoiling my life.Months passed by and I went to India to visit my mom for a brief one month. She again advised me to try adjusting with my husband. And I was like, one last chance , if nothing works, I will break up and get back to a job in India.My husband was too adding fuel to this fire by gossiping .That I’m responsible for childlessness though we both mutually were. Things started taking a turn when I noticed that my crush was married secretly.I started stalking him more to find out who that woman was. I came out of the dream almost 80% and started loving my husband. He too changed his attitude towards me and started respecting my choices and being less of a chauvinist.

Today, I found that he had got married to his first love.She divorced her husband and got married to my crush.That 80% love on my husband turned to 100%.At last, a massive light on me. I came out of the bad dream I was living in for almost 12 years since 2004. I’m wholeheartedly relieved and I started feeling very light since last 2 hours.I learned to move on. I started understanding reality.I feel that I can pursue better things in life and move forward quickly.I’m not sure how many people who know me personally are going to read this blog. Or perhaps none. None, the better.

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Last night, I felt like watching some horror movie, so I watched one of the Insidious movies.In that movie, Renai, the lead character, she plays the piano and sings the song:”Yeah, I’m looking west, always been looking that way, gonna get it all happening, just can’t do it today…”.

I loved the lyrics of the song and I’m not sure what the songwriter had in mind or what the actual singer thought of it. But , a surge of thoughts flowed like a river in my mind. Is it like everybody looks west rather than east ? When the sun rises in the east ,we are looking at the rising sun,our day also rises and so our life is supposed to. If we are looking west, that’s the setting sun and our life sets that way.

Almost every person belonging to the east looks at west, not at the setting sun but towards the western map. Which means everyone looks at the UK, USA, Europe.Is it because of western invasion in almost every country. For example, India was invaded by British and Indians got the habit of being subservient to the white man(British then). Our forefathers took all the orders from the British forgetting their self-respect. That day they started looking west and the genes passed to us and we too started looking west not exactly for the same reason but for opportunities. We have forgotten that the opportunities could be created in a place other than West. So that had led the entire east to get drained into the west and what we call brain drain.

Looking and living west is not cake walk either. I’m personally experiencing a lot of issues. Leave alone the culture, the entire world has become a global village because of technological advances and living in other cultures has become easier.For example, the mindset of job interviewers is so different here. In the United States, we really need to be very hard working, getting into details, looking at the big picture, be timely there is no place for tardiness, unlike east.We have to be very independent in every aspect right from fixing our own bikes ,filling the gas, household work to painting our house. I say when we look at the west, we need to become independent. Whereas in India, we have people for everything I mentioned above. We have people around when we need help and there is a plethora of relationship, emotions, and bonding. We need to cut- off from our parents and siblings when we look west.Every day, I have this heart stabbed feeling when I think my old mom is all alone and I need to look east very soon.Not that I have achieved anything here, other than writing blogs, driving wisely, living independent, understood my husband better meanwhile being jobless.

People look west and forget east.That is the reason why most of the developed countries are in the west and not east. We all should get rid off our forefathers’ subservient genes towards the west and start looking east and create more opportunities and stop this red-tapism and pave a better way for innovation and structurize the eastern economies. That way at least our future generation gets to see a developed east. I wish after I’m long gone, I could just appear as a soul to witness the developed east once with these same eyes happily satisfied. This revolution might take another half a century .

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What is knowledge? A knowledge is a reservoir of all the great ideas and innovation done by everyone other than you. The society calls a person as knowledgeable when he showcases what he is aware but done by others whether it is good or bad. That is why as a kid, even I had a subject in school called General Knowledge. This subjected was not meant for grading purposes but was mandatory and had to take up tests. I studied in a school that had Matriculation syllabus obviously derived from the British culture. We studied 10 different subjects in 6th class and were overburdened with mandatory homework and punishments in case we fail to write. We were imposed on writing the same homework 50 times and the teachers used to make us feel the knuckle pain just like Severus Snape in Harry Potter. They used to hit us using a wooden ruler or a cane. They also used to make us kneel down in front of the entire class if we fail to do homework for all 10 subjects. All the textbooks were huge and we need to mug up the entire content failing which again all the punitive approach. If the student did everything as said by the teacher, then he/she was deemed to be knowledgeable and were given good grades.We were forced to write whatever is there in the textbook for the exams , else the grades would be deducted.

Did those grades really help? I was someone who mostly did the homework and someone with fewer punishments.Now, when I realize all this, there is not much difference between the folks that got punishment and were left happy then. This system of education did not create any good path other than just making us feel temporarily happy for those grades when we were made to feel knowledgeable.This system did not help me to find jobs nor improve my public relations or confidence in general.Just helped to learn everything by heart and forget it by brain forever.

Revamp in education is required, especially in India where the students should be allowed to use their own brains and not heart to mug things up.In fact, they should be encouraged to convey their opinions and make them think on their own. Happy at least, British made us get global recognition because of they teaching us English,But we Indians should start modernizing the education by implementing the latest techniques and innovation in school such that the students get knowledgeable on the “real terms”.